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Amelia River Cruises, Fernandina Beach

North Florida, FL, USA


It's always fun to be on a boat out on the water, and on Amelia River Cruises you also get to listen to some humorous commentary about Ferdinanda Beach town and the area. The boat is a pontoon boat so it goes slowly. You pass the cute pelicans near the harbor and the gigantic paper mill spewing out pollution. The view of Fort Clinch from the water is great, and you might see people mulling around by the shore. Next you come to some grassy open waters and in the distance you can see wild horses. Cruising along the coast of Cumberland Island, you hear stories about the Kennedys, Rockefellers, and Carnegies.
With kids this trip can be a bit tricky because although it's a two hour trip it lasts more like three hours. Choose the shortest tour possible if you have kids.
It's always breezy on the water so bring a jacket.
This part of Florida has a more rugged look than other parts, with subdued rather than bright colors, and more scraggly vegetation.

Photo Gallery

Watching the pretty view from the boat.

Fort Clinch and its flag and cannons.

Nice views of Fort Clinch.

Enjoying the cool breeze off the water.

Buoy and wide open spaces.

Cute birds along the shore of Cumberland Island.

Nice colors of Cumberland Island.

A dock.

Marshy shoreline and a home on Cumberland Island.

The paper mill spews out pollution- unfortunate for the town. It made me careful not to waste paper!

Pelicans bobbing around on the water.


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Amelia River Cruises departs from the harbor at the end of Center Street. The address is 1 N. Front St, Ferdinanda Beach FL 32034, call (904) 261-9972. You can buy tickets in advance on their website, by phone, or pick up tickets at their ticket booth at the harbor. Come early as the cruises fill up.
Cruises are daily at 10:30am (2 hour cruise), 2:30pm (1.5 hour cruise), and at sunset (1 hour cruise for families) from March onward. Prices are adults $28, $25, and $22 respectively for the cruises stated above; seniors $26 and $23, and kids $22, $19, and $16.
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