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Wynwood Walls, Miami

Miami, FL, USA


Wynwood Walls is a joy to visit! Here you'll find a street (NW 2nd Ave) with every wall covered in colorful graffiti! Cafes and coffee shops abound. And young, energized, trendy people sit in the shady back patios of the cafes hanging out. It's a fantastic scene on weekends and holidays. During the week, it's not as good because not as many people are around and the neighborhood is sketchy.
Great atmosphere can be enjoyed on the back patio of Mister Block Cafe, which you enter through a crazy animal print arcade.
Just north, check out Miami Design District, with beautiful architecture, sculptures, a free modern art museum, designer stores (kids play equipment between them), and a public market with swings under hanging flowers. It is a six minute drive away.
Wynwood Walls is a 17 minute drive from Miami Beach.

Photo Gallery

R House restaurant, with colorful walls and outdoor seating on a patio.

Amazing graffiti on the walls along NW 2nd Ave.

Crazy animal print arcade leading to Mister Block Cafe.

Sitting on the back patio of Mister Block Cafe.

Romantic spot at Mister Block Cafe.

Shade canopies and tall trees in the back of Mister Block Cafe.

I love these tall trees behind Mister Block Cafe.

Young people enjoying the atmosphere at Mister Block Cafe.

A happy scene at Mister Block Cafe.

Graffiti on NW 2nd Ave.

Star Wars graffiti!

Graffiti, plus confetti on the ground.

John Lennon graffiti.

Kush Craft Beer...what a cool building.

Mural and perfect sky.

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar.

A decorated doorway.

Mister Block Cafe...I could never get enough of it.

The colors as you exit Mister Block Cafe.


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The main street is NW 2nd Ave, between 23rd St and 28th Street.
Mister Block Cafe, 2621 NW 2nd Ave, Miami FL 33127, call (786) 571-5755.
There is parking along the street that you pay for via an app.
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