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Haulover Beach Park, Miami

Miami, FL, USA


Haulover Beach Park is a beautiful beach! The sand is golden and the water is a bright turquoise. Two-thirds of the beach, in the south, is just a regular beach. The clothing-optional area is in the north and is sectioned off with a low fence and some signs warning beach-goers of what's ahead! The clothing-optional section starts across the street from Yellow Fleet Water Sports (there is a tiny parking lot here beside the beach) and ends at the Tropicana Condominium.
There is a cute modern lighthouse building, and bright yellow lifeguard shacks. Beside the beach, inland from thick vegetation, is a pathway that you can use for a long walk, though it doesn't have much shade.
Afterward, have a coffee or meal at RK Center in Sunny Isles while enjoying the great views of tall modern skyscrapers.

Photo Gallery

The low fence and sign where the clothing-optional beach begins.

The regular part of the beach is wonderfully uncrowded.

The clothing-optional part of the beach, with Tropicana condos in the distance.

The path leading to the beach, with yellow lifeguard shack in the distance.

Yellow lifeguard shack.

Lighthouse building.


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Haulover Beach Park is located at 10800 Collins Ave, Miami FL 33154.
There are plenty of small parking lots on the beach side of Highway A1A as well as large parking lots on the other side of the road.
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