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Margaret Pace Park, Downtown Miami

Miami, FL, USA


Margaret Pace Park is beautiful. Here you can sit under trees on little square or round benches and enjoy a strong cooling breeze off the water. This is a great place to come if you are in downtown and want to take in some nature. Stroll along the pathway and check out the strange throne sculptures that reach up to the sky and their colorful mosaic tiles. The playground is fenced, and from inside it is lovely, with views of the water, and tall colorful shade canopies. Kids can pretend they are on a ship, or enjoy the slides, fire pole, tic tac toe, and bouncy horses. There are also some monkey bars out of the fenced area, right by the water!
Parking is at a premium in this area, which makes this park inaccessible unless you're already downtown. Also, as with most city parks, there are some sketchy people here and there.
Another wonderful place to go for a cool breeze off the water is Perez Art Museum with its public swings outside overlooking the bay.

Photo Gallery

Modern highrise.

Cute church near Margaret Pace Park.

Entering the park.

A couple strolls along at lunchtime.

Monkey bars with a view!

Sitting and contemplating the wide expanse of water.

Interesting mosaic tile chair!

Nothing is better than looking through the trees at the bright blue-green water!

Yellow blooming tree.

Bright colors!

Square benches.

The walkway and art are pretty.

Caribbean art- mosaic tile chair.

Another interesting mosaic tile chair.

I love these colors!!

Looking up at another interesting mosaic tile chair!

A couple and dog picnic with views of the causeway.

What a perfect spot! What a nice breeze!

A picnic table.

Tree trunk, rock wall, and water.

Square and circle benches.

Jewish mosaic tile chair.

The playground has green shade canopies that catch the light in a pretty way!

Playground with a view!

Playground with views of palm trees and water.

Ship part of the playground.


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Margaret Pace Park is located at 1745 N. Bayshore Dr, Miami FL 33132.
There is no parking but if you are already downtown, Margaret Pace Park is a good place to go. Otherwise you can try parking on NE 14th Terrace which has some parking spaces along the street. There are also some parking structures nearby, such as the Omni Building, but it can be hard to tell if they are public.
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