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Gorilla Playground, UCSB campus

Santa Barbara, California, United States


Kids love the wonderful gorilla playground behind Rob's gym on the UCSB campus. Here they can climb three gorilla statues in the shade of trees (the rest of the playground doesn't have shade). The play structure has a twisty slide, two regular slides, steering wheels, a rope climby, and a bouncing bridge. There is a long stepping stone segment that kids love to master. The playground is fenced so toddlers can't run away. 
NOTE: The playground is only open to the public when not in use by the UCSB Family Resource Center afterschool program. 
Restrooms are available in Rob's gym and there is a drinking fountain outside the building.
- Idea and photos contributed by Geren Piltz (visited and verified by lotsafunmaps).

Photo Gallery

The great stepping stone segment of the playground!

Yellow slides.

The rope climby.

The playground is fenced!

You walk under this tunnel to get from the parking to the gorilla playground.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

The gorilla playground is located behind and slightly west of Robertson Gymnasium on Ocean Road, between Robertson Gym and the main Recreation Center (see the red tab and satellite view on the map for the exact location). It is surrounded by the tennis courts, basketball courts, and soccer fields behind the main Recreation Center. From the Mesa parking lot, you walk under an underpass and along a long walkway to get to the playground. 
Park in the Mesa lot, across from the main Recreation Center. Pay with credit card at the automated kiosks (parking is $3 the first hour, $5 for two hours).
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