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Rainbow Springs State Park, Dunnellon

North Florida, FL, USA


Dip into a deep, crystal clear natural pool and feel the water swish around you! This is what you can do at Rainbow Springs State Park. You are surrounded by the deepest and brightest green vegetation, and on one side very high trees, which gives the terrain some shape, almost like a mountain. The swimming area, which is huge, is roped off, separating it from the river the flows out from the headspring.
Waterfalls are dotted around the historic park, which used to be a tourist attraction and a phosphate mining area.
Rainbow Springs State Park is an hour from the college town of Gainesville.

Photo Gallery

Boardwalk past a waterfall.

Looking through the trees at the blue-green water.

The clear emerald river as it flows down from the headspring.

Ramp down to the pool.

Kids playing on the grass.


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Rainbow Springs State Park is located at 10830 Southwest 180th Avenue Road, Dunnellon, FL 34432.
There is plenty of free parking.
Admission is $2 per person at the headsprings.
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