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Carbon Beach, Malibu

Los Angeles, California, USA


Carbon Beach in Malibu is a beautiful beach with clean sand and gorgeous pebbles and sea glass on the shore. Incredibly, the mansions come almost right up to the water where big waves crash! The beach is quite slanted so not as good for long strolls. Also there can be very big waves and rip currents.
For a bite to eat after your beach time, check out Malibu Lumber Yard Mall.

Photo Gallery

Cute sea glass and pebbles, found on the shore.

The slanted shore and wide open spaces.

Pretty light at sunset.

The pebbles at the shore and cold blue water.

The mansions are very close to the water!


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

The address you can use in your GPS is 22131 California 1, Malibu CA 90265. Park along the road. There is a very high hedge near where the access point starts, so you can use it to find the spot. The access point goes between mansions. It is guarded and is open sunrise to sunset.
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