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Labyrinth Trail, UCSB

Santa Barbara, California, United States


Above Campus Point is a bluff-top trail with fantastic, changing views. In spring, it is full of poppies, morning glories, and purple and yellow succulents.
You can start your walk at the stairs that go up from Campus Point. Enjoy the views back toward Goleta Beach. At some points on the trail you can see ocean on one side and the lagoon on the other. It's wonderful! You can take a detour onto the beach for a while and look for treasures among the pebbles. Then continue your walk and you will come to a large labyrinth! Try to solve the maze, and then continue on to the other side of the lagoon. If you take a left you can walk down the hill and then walk the banks of the lagoon all the way to UCen, UCSB's campus hub. Grab a meal or a cup of coffee at UCen, enjoying the views out the huge windows. And then head back around the freshman dorms to get back to your car. What a fun walk!
On Saturdays from 11am-2pm The Reef, a marine lab with touch tanks, is open. It's at the very end of Lagoon Rd near the beach. You can enter for free and check out the marine life.

Photo Gallery

Flowers by the lagoon, near Campus Point.

The beach around the corner from Campus Point, below the bluffs where you walk the Labyrinth Trail.

Dune flowers and waves rolling in.

The lagoon, Marine Studies building, and Goleta Beach in the distance.

Yellow poppies on the Labyrinth Trail!

A mix of purple and white flowers- what a delight!

Bluff covered in yellow and purple succulents, and yellow daisies in the foreground.

I love when you can see water on both sides! Lagoon and ocean...

The labyrinth is fun to walk around.

Poppies and white morning glories beside the lagoon.

Flowers in front of the freshman dorms.

Looking down at the lagoon from near UCen.

Purple, pink, and yellow flowers on Lagoon Rd, in April. Like Easter eggs!

Yellow daisies and the sea.

Yellow daisies and sky.

Looking toward Goleta Beach pier, on Lagoon Rd.

A wonderful mix of colors! Flowers along Lagoon Rd.

Purple flowers and the sea, on Lagoon Rd.

Carpet of green and purple stretching to the sea.

A student jogs on the Labyrinth Trail.

Stairs up to the Labyrinth Trail.

Bench on the stairs up to the Labyrinth Trail, with lagoon behind.

Looking down at the beach.

Stairs up to the Labyrinth Trail, with benches to rest.

Looking toward the white cliffs of Goleta Beach, from Lagoon Rd. April flowers!

Oasis of palm trees near the Marine Studies building.

A young couple walks the labyrinth.

Two hues of blue.

Going for a bike ride.

Looking toward Isla Vista.

Flowers and Cypress trees.

Come to UCSB to see some green even in the drought (thanks to recycled water).

Green grass and blue lagoon.

Vibrant blue-green water, the view from the parking lot at Campus Point.

I love this blue-green water and the white cliffs in the distance!

Stairway down to Campus Point Beach.

White morning glories on path that leads down to the beach.

Great Egret, in the lagoon near Campus Center.

Great Egret in the lagoon.

Birds by the lagoon, near Campus Center.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

Exit Highway 101 northbound at Highway 217. Follow it to the end where it enters the UCSB gate. Go around the big circle and turn on Lagoon Rd. At the end of Lagoon Rd (before the signs that don't allow you to drive further) there is a large parking lot on your left. Read the sign by the pay machine- a few of the stalls are for beach access from 7:30am-5pm on weekdays. Weekends and evenings you can park in any of the stalls. Pay with your credit card at the pay machine. Cost will be about $4 for 2 hours. On weekends and evenings it's $3. You can pay for a month of weekend parking for $12.
Bus line 11 runs between the UCSB campus and downtown via Hollister Ave in Goleta. You can check the website: www.sbmtd.go
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