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Beverly Hills walk

Los Angeles, California, USA


It's lovely to walk the sunny streets of Beverly Hills, look up at the tall California palm trees, and enjoy the views of mansions and perfect landscaping. Start out at Beverly Gardens Park, where you can take a selfie in front of the huge Beverly Hills sign. There is a pond in front of the sign, with water lilies. Plenty of tourists and fame seekers hang out here.
Next walk the streets of Beverly Hills. The side streets that branch off from the park are flat and easy to stroll. Walk 18 minutes north on N. Canon Drive to my favorite park in Beverly Hills, Will Rogers Memorial Park. It is small but filled with wonderful old trees, tropical plants, flowers, roses, and a pond with koi and turtles. Kids like to come here and take it all in. What a delight!
Or you can drive seven minutes north past hilly, picturesque streets to Greystone Mansion. Stroll the grounds (entrance is free), enjoying the formal gardens and views of LA.
From Beverly Gardens Park it's also wonderful to cross Santa Monica Blvd and walk south one block into the dazzling area known as Rodeo Drive. Here there are gold and silver sparkling high end shops, with a youthful, lively atmosphere. The bright colors and fun scene remind me of Miami! One street over on Beverly Drive there are affordable coffee shops and cafes such as Starbucks and Chipotle.
If you've had enough glitz and need some nature, drive two long blocks south of the shopping area, on Rodeo Dr, and you will find a lovely residential street with a canopy of trees (this is around 325 S. Rodeo Dr).
A nearby park is Roxbury Park, where there is a big kid and a toddler playground, a few redwood trees, a ball field, and a loop walkway around the park. It is more of a practical park than an enchanting one, but does the trick if you need a playground and some shade.
A nice thing about Beverly Hills is that most of the streets have street parking and also sidewalks. This is rare in ritzy neighborhoods, and makes it a more friendly place to take a stroll.

Photo Gallery

Walkway along Santa Monica Blvd.

Flowers in Beverly Gardens Park.

The iconic sign in Beverly Gardens Park.

Banana trees spilling over a wall.

Danish-style house and wonderful trees, on N. Beverly Dr.

A strange one...the Statue of Liberty in someone's yard, on N. Beverly Dr.

A lovely place to take a walk.

A mansion behind a wrought iron fence, on N. Beverly Dr.

A mansion with round arbors.

A mansion with a fancy fence and rose garden, on N. Beverly Dr.

You know you're in Southern California...

Tropical garden with banana trees.

Flowers outside a mansion.

A leafy archway leading to a mansion.

The amazing knobby trees on South Rodeo Dr.

Canopy of trees.

Trees along the road make a walk on South Rodeo Drive a pleasant experience!

Knobby tree on South Rodeo Dr.

Mansion with pointed roof and roses.

Battistoni Roma store in the Rodeo Drive shopping area.

City Hall, as seen from Beverly Gardens Park.

Water lilies and Beverly Hills sign in Beverly Gardens Park.

Statue in Beverly Gardens Park.

Statue in Beverly Gardens Park.

Beautiful driveway of a mansion on Canon Drive.


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Beverly Gardens Park, where you can start your explorations, is located at 9399 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills CA 90210.
There is plenty of parking along the side streets. Use this address for your GPS: 508 N. Canon Dr, Beverly Hills CA 90210.
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