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Holmby Park, Westwood

Los Angeles, California, USA


Holmby Park is an odd park. The playground area is nice, with tropical plants and tall trees surrounding it. And there are some roses on the northern end of the park. But the rest of the rectangular park is just a walkway around a putting green. How you can walk around without getting a golf ball to your head, I don't know. Though when I was there, no one was playing. On the southern end there's a lawn bowling club.
From Holmby Park you can see Spelling Manor, a giant French chateau-style mansion. It is across the street from the park, halfway along the eastern border. The Playboy Mansion is just a three minute walk from the park.
Make sure to check out the gorgeous UCLA campus, and the beautiful area with cafes and shops called Westwood Village.

Photo Gallery

The small playground.

A mom watches her child playing on the playground.

Shady seating.

Green everywhere.

Tropical trees by the playground and picnic area.

Picnic tables and palms.

See the little fence dividing the golf course from the walkway.


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Holmby Park is located at 478 S. Beverly Glen Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90024. You can park for free along the road.
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