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Tongva Park, Santa Monica

Los Angeles, California, USA


Tongva Park is a modern, landscaped park with interesting geometric lines. It is across the street from the Santa Monica pier, accessed from the northeast corner of the intersection of Ocean Ave and Colorado Ave. There is a ramp that leads up to a lookout and two large metal sculptures that light up at night. A long, curved fountain sprays water in arches. Quiet musical notes fill the air from a sculpture consisting of tall metal pipes with little spinners at the top. Further in is a modern playground, the kind with rockclimbing grips built into the hill. A steep and long rollerslide makes for a fun time, as do two other slides going down the hill. There is a yellow climbing structure in the shape of an igloo with a rope climby inside. A lime green igloo-like climby and a pink house-like structure make for more colorful explorations. Speakers to talk into, two spinners, and a telescope are also fun.
The park leads out to a view of City Hall across Main St and here there is terraced fountain.
In the center of the park are leafy walkways that have become a homeless area. Here you can see a huge Moreton Bay Fig tree.
There are restrooms at this park.
Walk over to 3rd Street Promenade to people-watch from a coffee shop or browse the clothing stores.

Photo Gallery

Stripey sidewalk at the entrance to the park.

The Tongva Park sign.

Arching fountain.

Stairs to view, and restrooms with interesting architecture.

Chime sculpture.

The playground with roller slide, two slides going down the hill, and rock climbing grips on the hill.

Unique climbing structure and speakers to talk into.

Play structure and spinner.

Igloo house to hide in, and speaker.

Fountain over stones.

Leafy walkway in the center of the park.

The Moreton Bay Fig tree!

Bendy palm.

Stripey sidewalk on Colorado Ave.


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Tongva Park is accessed at the northeast corner of the intersection of Ocean Ave and Colorado Ave, across from Santa Monica pier. You can also access it from the back, across from City Hall, at 1685 Main Street, Santa Monica CA 90401. There is metered parking along Main Street. If the street parking is full, you can park in any of the lots along 2nd St and walk. If you need an address to find a parking structure, try parking in Lot 4 at 1321 2nd St, Santa Monica CA 90401. Parking in this lot is $8. It is an eleven minute walk from this structure to Tongva Park.
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