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Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery (4 hrs north of LA)

Los Angeles, California, USA


It's lovely to stop and take a look at Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery. Here you will feel like you're in Austria! There is a gorgeous German-style building made of rounded stones and half-timbered wood. Behind it soar the Sierra mountains. In front is a pond lined with lilies. Ducks drift along in the water. This used to be a fish hatchery until a fire and mudslide killed the fish. There are picnic tables in the shade of several trees. It is just a few minutes from the freeway, so make a stop, and make your drive feel shorter!
There is a gift shop that is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Built in 1916, the hatchery building was made of 3,500 tons of granite, with each stone collected and sorted to fit, rather than cut to size.
Seven minutes to the south, check out the Eastern California Museum, a humble museum that makes everyone in the family happy with its interesting, diverse exhibits.
To check out a fish hatchery that is still working, and feed the fish, go to Fish Springs Hatchery, 23 minutes north.
Another good stop 1 1/2 hours south of here is Indian Wells Brewing Company where you can try unusual flavors of soda and see quirky roadside attractions like a skeleton driving a truck.
30 minutes north and another 22 minutes west, go for a hike you will always remember at Big Pine Creek North Fork Trail, a gorgeous place under towering pines and soaring mountain views!
A nice roadside town with a bakery, frozen yogurt place, bookstore, and coffee shop is Bishop, 38 minutes north of here.

Photo Gallery

Shady grassy spots and a gorgeous building!

Looking up at a cute balcony and half-timbered section.

The long, stone building with a red door.

Picnic tables in the shade.

The adorable architecture with stone of all sizes, tiled roof, and half-timbered tower.

The red door.

The cutest sight, Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery building.

Admiring the architecture.

The farthest end of the building, with the snowy mountains behind.

Looking back from the far end of the building.

The snowy mountains, impressive in June!

Hatchery entrance sign.


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Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery is located at the intersection of Oak Creek Rd and Fish Hatchery Rd, Independence CA 93526. Follow the signs.
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