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Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana, Mission Hills

Los Angeles, California, USA


Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana in Mission Hills is a delightful spot where many people gather on weekends for weddings or just to take in the happy vibe. The architecture of the buildings is beautiful, arranged in a quadrangle. The earthy golden color of the adobe walls is charming, especially in the full sun, and the gardens are expansive. Walk by the pale blue fountain, or past a little stream where a statue of a nun stands, near actor Bob Hope's grave.
There are many rooms that tell the history of the area. Check out the workshops, arranged as they would have been in the early 1800s. A little room full of small Mary statues from around the world is sweet, and kids like to check out each one. The doorways in each room of the mission are thick and painted with gorgeous designs- I love this! After, walk across the street to Brand Park for green foliage, more fountains, and more weddings!
An interesting story is that gold was found in the area, the earliest gold strike in California, in 1842, and for years after, people dug up the adobe walls and floors of the mission to try to find hidden gold.
This mission is the seventeenth of the 21 missions of California, and was completely rebuilt in 1971 after the San Fernando earthquake.

Photo Gallery

Bell collection donated by Marie Walsh Harrington.

Cute archway etched in light.

Map of Ambas Californias- Francisco Garcia Diego.

Hallway of tilework maps.

Row of trees, green grass, and a bench.

Lovely pale blue fountain and cluster of banana trees!

Fruit tree.

It's peaceful to walk around the mission grounds.

Peaceful spot near the workshop.

The mission interior.

Statue of a nun by the stream.

The stream and bridge.

Saddle workshop.

Palm tree and shady walkway.

The front door of the mission complex.

Green is such a treat for Californian eyes.

The Mary room, with Mary statues from around the world.

The Mary room is magical for older kids.

I love the painted doorways.

Chunky window.

Beautiful doorway and decorations.

Decoration above the doorway.

Looking through a chunky doorway.

Cute little alcove in the wall with statue.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana is located at 15151 San Fernando Mission Blvd, Mission Hills CA 91345. Use the address in your GPS, not the name of the mission, otherwise it might lead you to the school next door, which is not nearly as charming, located under huge buzzing power lines.
A better address you can use for your GPS is 11084 Columbus Ave, Mission Hills CA 91345. This will take you to a side street next to Brand Park. Park you car here and then walk through the park and across the San Fernando Mission Blvd to the mission.
Admission costs $5 for adults and $3 for children.
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