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Brand Park, Mission Hills

Los Angeles, California, USA


Brand Park is a romantic spot. Here you can walk between the green hedges past fountains and roses. There are curlicue ironwork benches and tall California palms. The area around is plain, but this park, along with the grounds of the Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana across the street, make for a lovely stroll. Many weddings take place in this park on weekends.

Photo Gallery

Curlicue bench and green hedges.

A walkway between the hedges.

Tall California palm.

Pretty fountain with wedding behind.


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Brand Park is located at 15121 S. Brand Blvd, Mission Hills CA 91345. A better address you can use for your GPS is 11084 Columbus Ave, Mission Hills CA 91345. This will take you to a side street next to Brand Park where you can park your car.
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