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Paso Robles Children's Museum

San Luis Obispo, California, USA


Paso Robles Children's Museum is an attractive two-level museum in the downtown area where all the cute cafes and shops are. It's great to bring kids here and then let them play on the amazing Downtown City Park playground. Kids, both little and big, love this museum. It's in a historic building with big windows. Downstairs there's a toddler area with tea party, babies to take care of with strollers, crib, change table and baby swings, and a kitchen. There's also a ball pit, farm, oak tree tunnels, train set, and a shiny fire engine to drive with firefighter dress-up clothes. Upstairs is even better, especially for older kids. There's an amazing Newton's playhouse, where kids can shoot balls, as well as allow them to be sucked up from baskets into tubes. Once enough balls are sucked up, a light goes on, and then the balls rain down while all the kids shriek with delight. Another super fun spot is the pizza kitchen, where kids can use a cash register and serve parents at little tables. There's a grocery market with carts, puppet theater, old-fashioned phone to dial, and a dress-up area. And little performers enjoy the theater where they can stand and deliver a song or tell a story.
Outside, there's a fire engine, fire hydrant and hose, little tikes car, lawnmower, hula hoops, and large connect four game.

Photo Gallery

The building where the museum is housed.

Toddlers can walk around a tree on a little boardwalk.

Fire engine to explore!

Tree and little play house.

A fireman slides down a pole.

Fire truck decorated for Christmas.

Dress-up as a firefighter.

Super fun ball shooting area.

Rotary phone to try out.

Shoot some balls around!

Cook a pizza! Then serve it to your parents!

Fruit stand and shopping cart.

Ball shooting fun.

Kids love when the balls fall down from the ceiling.

Load up your cart with some fruit.

Back-lit table and magnets.

Puppet show.

Ball pit for toddlers.

Fire engine and play house outside.

Crib and change table for baby dolls.

Fire hydrant with hose, little coupe for toddlers, lawn mower, and connect 4, on the grassy area outside.


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Paso Robles Children's Museum is located at 623 13th Street, Paso Robles CA 93446, call (805) 238-7432.
Open Wed and Sat 10-4, Thurs, Fri, and Sun 11-4. Admission is $7 for adults, $6 for children aged 1-13, and $5 for grandparents.
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