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El Matador State Beach, Malibu

Los Angeles, California, USA


El Matador State Beach is a glorious beach with vibrant blue-green water, rocks jutting out of the sea, arches with water rushing in, and caves. It's amazing to come down here and be revived by nature. The walk down is very steep and involves dozens of stairs. There isn't much shade except in an occasional small cave, so come early. The water is too cold for swimming, by most people's standards. 
On weekends there are plenty of people showing off their looks, hanging out with friends, and doing photo shoots. You really can get some great photos here, as the landscape is constantly changing with the water rushing in and out, splashing over rocks, and the rocks making new images from all angles. What a gorgeous place! I couldn't believe I've lived in California for 17 years but never been to this special beach.
For a hike nearby, check out Charmlee Park.

Photo Gallery

The steep path down to the beach.

Looking down on blue-green water.

The cliffs are beautiful.

Stairs down to the beach.

Rocks formations.

Beachgoers watch water rush under an arch.

Looking under the arches.

Group of young friends hanging on the beach.

It's lovely to check out the rock formations.

Turquoise wave.

Father and son walking along the shore.

A little girl watches water crash on a rock.

Birds on the rocks.

Water crashing on a rock.

Rock formations on the north end of the beach.

Perfect sky and sea.


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El Matador State Beach is located at 32350 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265. There is parking at the top of the bluffs, or across the busy Pacific Coast Highway along the road (a little risky and scary). Parking in the lot costs $3 per hour, or $10 a day. You pay at the machine with cash or credit, and then display the receipt on your dashboard. State park day passes are valid here.
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