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Kelso Dunes (4 hours from LA)

Los Angeles, California, USA


If you're driving Highway 40 and looking for places to stop along the way, Kelso Dunes isn't really a good choice. It's too far from the highway, and once you arrive, the dunes are far off in the distance, quite a long hike in from the trailhead. Kelso Dunes isn't really one of those rewarding stops that makes your drive seem shorter. 
If however, you're looking for an extremely challenging hike, walk to the top of Kelso Dunes. We saw a family who had done it, and the kids were not happy campers! They looked very sunburned, so bring sunscreen and hats. 
Just to hike along the trail that leads to the dunes is quite pleasant, checking out the different desert plants. 
There is a cute lookout area on the way to Kelso Dunes with flintstones-style rocks. Make sure you stop there! It was more interesting to me than the view of the dunes in the distance. The teddy bear cholla cactus plants here are so cute. 

Photo Gallery

Teddy bear cholla and flintstone-style rock formations.

Jagged mountains and desert plants.

Teddy bear cholla and mountain range.

The beginning of the Kelso Dunes trail.

Little silvery desert plants and dunes in the distance.

Cool rock formations we saw from Highway 40, east of Kelso Dunes.

Rock formations seen along Highway 40.


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Kelso Dunes Trail is located off Highway 40, four hours from downtown LA, in the Mojave National Preserve.
The address is Kelso Dunes Trail, Baker, CA 92309.
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