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Thorpe Playground, Flagstaff

Arizona, , USA


Thorpe Playground is a great place for your kids to run wild. There are all manner of play structures and equipment to choose from, and kids can explore for a long time. Kids enjoy the giant space-age climbey, four-person spinner, climbing wall, fire engine climbey, and four-person teeter totter, plus music stations with xylophone, chimes, and drums. There are swings galore and a dinosaur and car bouncy. The surface of the play area is rubberized and accessible.
Parents will enjoy the serene forested surroundings and the spacious feel of the park. 
After, have dinner at Fratelli's Pizza in the hip Southside area of downtown Flagstaff. Or if you like modern developments better, check out the restaurants at beautiful Aspen Place at the Sawmill

Photo Gallery

Pine trees make a nice setting for the park.

Space age playground!

Rock climbing wave.

Music section.

Silvery pine tree.


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Thorpe Park is located at  191 N Thorpe Rd, Flagstaff, AZ 86001. There is plenty of parking in a parking lot or along the street.
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