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Aspen Place at the Sawmill, Flagstaff

Arizona, , USA


Aspen Place at the Sawmill in Flagstaff is refreshingly new and attractive compared to the rest of town. Here everything is beautifully designed. There is an awesome bakery chain called Wildflower Bread Company where you can eat a delicious breakfast sandwich by their fireplace while looking out the huge windows. On sunny days you can catch some rays at the outdoor seating. Take a stroll past the stores on both sides and look up at the apartments above. This area used to be a sawmill.
There is a Whole Foods Market here. Other restaurants include Local Juicery, Grimaldi's Pizza, Dutch Bros Drive-Thru Coffee Shop, Pita Jungle, Chop Stix Vietnamese Restaurant, Someburros Mexican Restaurant, Jimmy John's, Lia Leaf Tea House, and Allegro Coffee Company.

Photo Gallery

REI store.

Lia Leaf Tea House.

Inside Wildflower Bread Company.

Mountains in the distance.

Outdoor seating at Jimmy John's.

Local Juicery.

Fireplace and comfy seats at Wildflower Bread Company.


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Wildflower Bread Company, Aspen Place at The Sawmill, 319 Regent St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001.
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