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Meadowmont Greenway, Chapel Hill

North Carolina, NC, USA


Meadowmont Greenway or bike path is a fantastic place to go for a walk! There are houses along the route so it feels safe the entire way. The views vary as you walk; rather than just flat forest all the way like some walks, instead you see flowers, little hilly curves, and a pond with a fountain. The path is one mile one-way. The greenway runs from Meadowmont Park in the north to Raleigh Road in the south. Park along any of the side streets, such as Simerville Road, to access the path.
For a cute detour, walk uphill on Barbee Chapel Rd (stay on the right hand side of the road so you don't have to cross the road at the top where there's no visibility) to Oak Park Lane and walk along Oak Park Lane beside fountains and flowers and adorable townhomes with curved turrets. 
After, you can stop and have a cup of tea at Carolina Bakery or Starbucks in Meadowmont Village, a lovely development with brick buildings, outdoor cafes, and a fountain. 

Photo Gallery

Rainbow in the fountain.

Yellow lilies by the pond.

Shady path.

Wide open area by the main road.

Cute Lord of the Rings landscape.

Pretty leaves to walk beneath.

Downhill part in gorgeous forest.

Forest all around you!

Handsome houses you see along the way.

Blue sky and path uphill.

The stream is beside you.

The happy look of Meadowmont Greenway.

Leafy delight.

Shade galore!

Mailbox with pink roses around it, on Meadowmont Lane.

Dogwood flowers.

Sweet little bell flowers, on Barbee Chapel Road.

Glossy plant with non-edible berries.

Dark pink roses and brick wall.

Lampposts and fountain.

Ironwork gate.

Shady street to walk along- Oak Park Lane.

Brick turret on Oak Park Lane.

Speckled brick townhome on Oak Park Lane.

Fountain on Oak Park Lane.

Lovely townhomes on Oak Park Lane.

Delightful garden.

Orange tree in autumn.

Orange tree by the fountain.

Rainbow in the fountain.

Fountain and fall trees.

Fall tree by the bike path.

Leaves fallen in autumn.

Yellow leaves by a bench in autumn.

Yellow tree!

I love these adorable leaves on the path.

Pink leaves in the forest in November.

The sweet shape of the leaves.

Orange tree and white tree.

Rose by a brick wall.

Pansy in a garden.


Fall leaves.

View from high up, on Oak Park Lane.

Decoration in the wall, near Oak Park Lane.

Orange tree and white tree.

Dandelion and spring flowers along the path, in March.

Birdhouse and blossoming trees in early April.

Purple tree in April.

Daffodils in April.

Signs of spring in the forest.

The trees are still sticks but there are some signs of life appearing in April.

Little flowers by the greenway.

Blue heron.

Cute manicured mistletoe bushes at the entrance to Meadowmont.

Happy feeling as you approach the pond.

Four directions you can take on the bike path.

Meadowmont is so pretty!

The bike path is awesome!

Cute turret on a brick home.

Flowering Crepe Myrtle in June- these cause crazy allergies.

The bike path as it goes up a hill near Raleigh Rd. Idyllic views!

The bike path and chubby trees.

Magnolia tree in bloom in May.

Magnolia blossom!

Green has returned! In May.

Little berries, in May.

Daisies, in May.

Light shining through the trees.

I could never tire of this view!


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

Meadowmont Greenway or bike path can be accessed from many side streets in Meadowmont. You can use the address 106 Simerville Road, Chapel Hill 27517 (park along the road) or just park in Meadowmont Village and walk to the bike path access point on Barbee Chapel Road. 
Carolina Bakery, 601 Meadowmont Village Cir, Chapel Hill, NC 27517.
Starbucks, 116 W Barbee Chapel Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27517.
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