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Lower Booker Creek Greenway, Chapel Hill

North Carolina, NC, USA


The Lower Booker Creek Greenway or bike path is a one-mile straight shady path beneath forest trees behind houses. It is fairly empty but has some evening and weekend dog walkers and bike riders. Sewer cylinders kind of ruin the ambience and smell absolutely vile in spring, summer, and fall. There aren't many interesting features to this path since it's just straight and flat with nothing but trees and no view of the creek (except when the trees have been cleared a little). Also, the vegetation is just straight up and down trees, not anything lush or viney. In spring there are some nice wildflowers in the recessed field on Franklin Street, that leads into the greenway. Deer also cruise around on this field at dusk in the warmer months. The field is ugly though, with industrial towers and three giant sewer cylinders.
After, have a pastry and coffee at Guglhupf Bake Shop or a cocktail on the sunny patio of Babalu, in Eastgate Crossing Plaza, which is across Franklin Street from the trail entrance.
There is a ton of traffic on Franklin Street and the crossing is a very long wait, so you will get lots of puffs of truck fumes in your face if you walk to this greenway from the shopping center, so that's a shame.

Photo Gallery

Taking Fido for a walk.

Running, biking, walking the dog.

Deer in the distance, at the field at the entrance to the trail, on Franklin Street.

Bridge and stream.

Stream after a rain.

Great Blue Heron and reflection, in the creek.

Autumn colors at Booker Creek.

Carolina's state bird, the Cardinal. What a beauty.

Women friends walk in the greenway.

Entrance to the greenway, on Franklin Street, near a bus stop.

Buttercups in April.

Glossy buttercup in the field.

Entrance field graced with buttercups in April.

Cute house near the entrance field.


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The southern end of Lower Booker Creek Trail can be accessed from Franklin Street where it intersects with Eastgate Shopping Center Dr. 
There is parking behind the dental office which is next door to the trail entrance, on Franklin Street. Or you can park at Eastgate Shopping Center and cross Franklin Street.
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