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Bacara Resort Beach

Santa Barbara, California, United States


Bacara Resort Beach is in a beautiful area. The hills are covered in strands of tall wonderful trees. You feel like you are far away from it all, surrounded by nature. Wildflowers abound. It's nice to walk the short hard-packed path from the beach access parking to the beach. Here you will find fancy resort restrooms and a few picnic areas amongst wildflowers and small palms. 
To the west one looks toward the picturesque pier and dramatic white cliffs that catch the afternoon light. The resort looks like a Spanish village cascading down the hillside. An extremely steep (and slippery) path leads alongside the resort. Don't take it unless you have shoes with good grip because there's no handrail. There you can take in sweeping views of the beach and pier and find little wildflowers of all colors along the way.
A loop trail leads beside high impressive white cliffs to the east. This is a short though steep hike that even young kids can do. Little white-tailed bunny rabbits scoot by. Fishermen hang out on the pebbly beach below. An impressive strand of Monterey cypress line the tall cliffs. An estuary reaches far back into green hills. You walk uphill past the gas facility to a lookout with a great view, then back down to the picnic area.
Surfers enjoy the waves beside the pier at a spot called Haskells.
It's lovely to take a long walk down the beach and see what you find. There are all kinds of treasures like driftwood, shells, smooth rocks, crab claws, kelp floaters, and more.
If you're hungry, drive to Anna's Bakery. which is in the Camino Real Shopping Center, east of the resort on Hollister Ave. The muffins there are so good! Kahuna Grill, near Anna's Bakery, is also really yummy, with hamburgers, kebobs, and salads. You can take your kids to the nice playground at Girsh Park or to the unique play equipment at Dinosaur Park.

Photo Gallery

The gardens near the Beach Access Parking- huge stripey cactus!

The trail, open to the public, that leads down to the beach.

The pavilion, with nice fancy bathrooms, at the public beach access.

Sunlight hitting the white cliffs.

I love this strand of cypress trees!

The cliffs to the east of Bacara Resort Beach, upon which stand a long strand of Monterey Cypress trees.

The extra-steep trail that leads from the beach up alongside the hotel, where you get great views of the pier and beach below. Don't walk up it if your shoes are slippery because there's no handrail.

The resort is quite large, covering much of the hill.

Black-Eyed Susans and the pier in the distance, on a blissful winter's day.

Surfers enjoy the swell near the pier. This surf spot is called Haskells.

The trail that leads from the resort to the beach.

Families gather on the beach on a July day.

Kelp on the sand.

A dreamy spot.

Trees on the cliff.

Holey rock.

A tent someone built.

More lovely cliffs on the east end of the beach.

Crab near the shore.

There are many treasures to find on the beach!

Picnic area.

Grassy spot to sit.

Oil drills out at sea.

Desert plants and blue sky.

A cluster of California palms on the path back from the beach.

The loop trail on the cliff over the beach.

The loop trail takes you high above the water.

Looking down toward the ocean as you ascend the loop trail.

View over the ocean, with lots of eucalyptus.

View of the golf course from the loop trail.

I love this view!

The pier at sunset.

Islands in the distance.

A couple walks their dogs.

California dreaming...

The beach house and palms.

Purple native flowers.

Sun umbrellas, palms, and flowers.

Flower-lined path by the sea.

Purple and yellow flowers!

Flowers catching the light.

Cactus garden.

Spanish architecture and purple flowers.

Bench with island view.

Spanish stairs and lantern.

Orange flowers in the shade.

Gorgeous lawn in the sun.

Banana tree and canary palm.

Banana trees in front of a Spanish balcony.

Lawn and ocean.

Hilly walk.

Feels like Tuscany...


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Bacara Resort Beach is located at 8301 Hollister Avenue, Goleta CA 93117, call (805) 968-0100.
Exit Highway 95 at the Glen Annie/Storke exit instead. Then head toward the ocean. Turn right on Hollister Ave and follow it to the end. It leads into the hotel driveway.
Follow the hotel driveway for a while. Turn left, following the signs that say "Coastal Access Parking." There's a short hard-packed sand path to the beach.
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