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Duke Homestead and Tobacco Museum

North Carolina, NC, USA


Duke Homestead and Tobacco Museum is on the farm where Washington Duke founded the American Tobacco Company. You can go on a guided tour of the 1852 homestead and tobacco barns, or walk around the outside of the buildings on a self-guided tour.
In the entry building is the tobacco museum, which is fairly old but well done. There is a farmer who talks and moves when you press a button (kids will like this), and there are many life-size scenes of tobacco farming and manufacturing. You can press a button to see 1950s tobacco ads on TV, and see a collection of pipes and snuff boxes. There is also an exhibit about the debate surrounding smoking and quotes about how it is bad for your health, starting as early as 1675!
There is a small gift area with some cute stuffed bulls, the animal associated with Durham.
Durham had brightleaf tobacco, which has a milder flavor than other tobacco varieties. When the armies of the Civil War marched through Durham, they tasted its mild brightleaf tobacco, and once home, wrote to Durham factories to send more. From then on, Durham had a thriving tobacco industry and bulls became associated with Durham because of Bull Durham Tobacco Company.
Come on a family day to see costumed docents. Check their website for these special event days.
After, go for a hike at West Point on the Eno, a six minute drive north. Or visit the Museum of Life and Science, a six minute drive east.

Photo Gallery

In 1604, King James I wrote: It is a custom loathsome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the lungs.

Meerschaum pipe. "Family on carriage ride." Turkey, 1980.

Store with tobacco products.

Quester Cutter.

1870 press to make chewing tobacco.

Cured tobacco process explanation.

Thirteen month crop display. Listen to the farmer talk when you push the button!

The grounds.


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Duke Homestead and Tobacco Museum is located at 2828 Duke Homestead Road, Durham NC 27705. There is plenty of shady parking.
Open Tues-Sat 9-5, closed Sun and Mon.
Entrance is free.
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