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Waimea town

The Big Island, Hawaii, United States


Waimea town has misty green hills, two adorable churches, a wooden playground with gorgeous views, and lovely countryside drives. Here, a soft rain almost like mist falls often, and the weather is cooler than most other towns in Hawaii. 
There are two adorable churches just off the main road in Waimea town (also called Kamuela town). One, a pale yellow church with a castle-like steeple, is called Imiloa Church. The other, a green church with white outline and steeple, is called Ke Ola Mau Loa, or Keola Mauloa Church. It's lovely to stop and take a look at them with the misty green hills of Waimea behind them. How sweet it would be to have a small wedding in one of these churches!
In February, check out the rows of flowering cherry blossom trees nearby.
After, walk around Waimea Park and enjoy the views of Waimea's misty green hills. If you have kids, they will love Anuenue Playground in Waimea Park, which has everything a kid could want in a wooden playground and great views!
After, have lunch or dinner a three minute walk away at Big Island Brewhaus, a favorite with locals! Also within walking distance is Mamane Bakery (7-1:30, closed Sundays) which has banana bread (it is a commercial bakery so there's nowhere to sit), Kamuela Kitchen and Coffee Bar (a cute place) and Original Big Island Shave Ice (11:30-5:30, closed Sundays). Check out also Waimea Coffee Company, a little further away.
Take a drive along Mana Road and check out the peaceful views of greenest farmland and cows. It is so beautiful and refreshing!
Waimea, or Kamuela (as its also named, which is the Hawaiian name for Samuel, after Samuel Parker), has a strange micro-climate. Twenty minutes away at the Kohala coast there is dry vegetation and lava, and endlessly sunny beaches. But just up the hill, at Waimea, it is almost always raining, misting, foggy, or cloudy, and ten degrees cooler! You can have two totally different days in the span of one hour.

Photo Gallery

Imiola Church, so sweet.

Misty mountains behind Imiola Church.

Keola Mauloa Church and flowers.

Keola Mauloa Church is so sweet with its emerald green color and white outline.

Kamuela Kitchen and Coffee Bar looks cute.

Yellow hibiscus outside Mamane Bakery.

Greenest hills!

Views from the road.

Cinder cone and farmland.

Sugar cane along Mana Road.

Green hills, as seen from Mana Road.

Cows on Mana Road.

Misty mountain.

Cow heaven!

Even the McDonalds is beautiful in Waimea.


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Imiola Church is located at 65-1084 Mamalahoa Highway, Waimea 96743. Keola Mauloa Church is located almost next door, at 65-1108 Mamalahoa Hwy. These churches are also on Church Rd, strangely, on google maps.
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