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Rainbow Falls, Hilo

The Big Island, Hawaii, United States


Rainbow Falls is an easy place to sightsee! You just drive up, walk a short paved path, and there it is! A beautiful waterfall! There are flowers and green grass. To your right you can walk up a ramp for a view from a different angle. To your left, climb some steps and you come to a forest with amazing tree roots straight out of a movie! 
Extend your sightseeing by driving five minutes west to Boiling Pots, another waterfall lookout.
These lookouts are in a nice neighborhood. It feels good to get up in the hills above Hilo town and away from the ugly downtown area.

Photo Gallery

Yellow hibiscus and the path that goes up to the upper lookout.

Twisty path to the upper lookout.

The stream.

Amazing tree roots!

The forest with magical tree roots.

Looking down from the upper lookout at the lower lookout.

Red and green.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

Rainbow Falls is located 7 minutes drive west of downtown Hilo, at 198 Rainbow Dr, Hilo HI 96720.
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