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Honoli'i Beach Park, Hilo

The Big Island, Hawaii, United States


Honoli'i Beach Park is a fun place to stand and watch surfers ride the big sets coming in to shore. The view is awesome, with a headland and tropical vegetation. You can walk down to the shady lawn and rocky grey beach, but you don't need to because all the action is at the top where surfers are checking out the waves. This view makes me feel so happy, since it looks just like beaches in Sydney, with a headland and perfect waves rolling in. Be careful of cars, because some back out too quickly, but most people are respectful.
This beach is on the Hamakua Coast, which follows Highway 19 north from Hilo. It is the first stop, being only six minutes from downtown Hilo. For more delightful spots, do the whole drive!

Photo Gallery

Flowers are very happy on the Hamakua Coast!

Set of waves.

Surfer catching a wave.

Stormy view.

Trees to the right of the beach.

Steps leading down.

View of Hilo Bay.


Flowers by the rock wall.

Waves and lifeguard stand.


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Honoli'i Beach Park is located at 180 Kahoa St, Hilo, HI 96720. There is parking along the road but it can be hard to score a spot.
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