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Akaka Falls State Park, Hamakua Coast

The Big Island, Hawaii, United States


Akaka Falls State Park has a half-mile loop walking path in the most incredible tropical jungle. Come in early August if you can, to see flowers galore and even hanging flowers. It is such a treat! You walk through a bamboo forest, and to a lookout above tall 442 ft Akaka Falls. There are banana groves, honeysuckle flowers, and ferns. It's a tropical wonderland! You cross a bridge by some smaller falls and a stream. At this spot, the flowers really take on surreal quantities! 
The paved path is fairly even but is narrow and does include many stairs. It is a bit strenuous, and unfortunately it's not wheelchair accessible.
There is a type of fish called an 'o'opu that swims upstream from the ocean and then climbs Akaka Falls! It uses a suction disc and its pectoral fins to climb up the slippery side of the waterfall! You can't see it but it's fun to read about it on the plaque. 
Akaka Falls is on the Hamakua Coast. You must stop there if you're driving along the coast! It is an eight minute drive inland from Highway 19. There are many other wonderful things to do along this coast- click on the link to find out more.

Photo Gallery

Bridge by a thousand hanging flowers!

Hanging flowers by the path.

Hanging white flowers.

Little waterfall in the stream.

Hanging flowers galore!

Yellow flowers.

Beautiful vegetation by the path.

Banana groves.

Waterfall behind ferns.

Banana leaf and red banana cluster.

Akaka Falls!

Taking steps down to the viewing area for Akaka Falls.

Lovely white flowers.

Interesting trees with mossy growth.

Raindrops on red flowers.

The hanging flower you see everywhere!

Palms, hanging flowers, falls.

Yellow flowers.

A beautiful, unusual flower.

Bridge by the hanging flowers.

Rain-kissed plants.

Bamboo forest.

Bamboo and stream.

Unique bamboo.


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Akaka Falls State Park is located eight miles inland from Highway 19. Take Highway 220 to the end and follow the signs. It costs $5 to enter, but Hawaii residents enter for free. Parking lot is open 8:30-6.
There is no cell phone reception on the Hamakua Coast, so print out directions before you leave!
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