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South Point Cliff Dive

The Big Island, Hawaii, United States


South Point is the southernmost tip of Hawaii and therefore the USA. It is a weird place with a dry, barren landscape. The area is pummeled by wind, and the sun is harsh here as there is no shade whatsoever. Despite the ugly land, the sea is its usual gorgeous inky blue. People jump off the cliff here into the water, which you can understand since it's so hot here! They don't stay in for long though, possibly feeling a bit spooked by the deep water. There are some potential hazards to the jumps. Fishermen are also fishing here and the lines, blown sideways by the wind, can get in your way and hurt you as you go down. We saw this happen. Yikes. Imagine getting a fishing line in your crotch while hurtling toward the water. In this case, it was his hand that got hurt (if you look closely at the photo above you can see the fishing line). Also, the ladder back up is rusty and whips around with the wind, feeling like you're going to hit the rock cliff. Overall, this makes the experience not very fun. Other people swim in a rock tube where waves are funneling in. This looks really sketchy too. 
It is an eighteen minute drive from Highway 11 to South Point, and isn't really worth the 36 minute detour if you're already doing a long cross-island drive that day.
There is a coffee shop on South Point Rd, near Highway 11, called Ka Lae Coffee. It is seventeen minutes drive from the cliff jumping area.

Photo Gallery

Clear water!

Cruising in the water after a jump.

Climbing up the rusty ladder.

Looking along the coast.

The rock tube where people sometimes enter the water.

Barren landscape.


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South Point Cliff Dive is located at the end of South Point Rd, off Highway 11. There is parking along the road. It is an eighteen minute drive from Highway 11 to the cliff jumping spot.
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