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Ninth Street, Durham

North Carolina, NC, USA


Ninth Street in Durham is a vibrant, happening place! It is full of health-conscious, young people, and it has a bright, happy feeling! Take a stroll along the street, and check out the unique shops. There's a pretty shop with crystals, incense, and jewelry on Perry Street, a side street, next door to colorful Pincho Loco Ice Cream, which has fresh made waffle cones and some unusual flavors. Native Threads is a hippie clothing store in a cute little house.
Choose a place to hang out from many great choices. There's Triangle Coffee House, which has better indoor seating than outdoor. Panera Bread has gorgeous spacious outdoor seating under lime green umbrellas, raised up over the street. Burger Bach is nearby, also with outdoor seating in a bright area facing modern apartment buildings. Your best choice is Happy + Hale, a really cool cafe with acai bowls, smoothies, and healthy options like The Scramble, with three eggs, quinoa, goat parmesan, bacon, and two veggies like kale and aragula. Yum! You order at the counter, customizing your food, like at Chipotle. You can sit outside in the nice seating (pictured above), or inside enjoying the awesome lighting and music. Alpaca Peruvian Chicken is another choice, with lovely outdoor seating and bright yellow umbrellas. 
Walk east along Perry Street and you will come to another shopping plaza with Whole Foods and MadHatter Cafe + Bakeshop, an awesome spot to hang out, with huge windows, modern architecture, changing paintings, cool people, and great food including many eggy breakfast items which you order at the counter. It has plenty of parking in the shopping center parking lot for Whole Foods. 
Keep walking east and you come to Duke East Campus, a lovely place to take a stroll admiring the architecture and busy students walking around.
Past the campus you come to the tree-lined Trinity Park neighborhood with its attractive historic homes. It's pleasant to enjoy the architecture, gardens, leaf-framed views, and decorations, especially at Halloween or Christmastime.

Photo Gallery

Yellow umbrella outside at Alpaca Peruvian Charcoal Chicken.

Outdoor seating at Alpaca.

The menu board at Happy + Hale.

The Scramble, at Happy + Hale.

Big windows and modern white decor at Happy + Hale.

Cool atmosphere at Happy + Hale.

Native Threads is a clothing store in a cute house.

Ninth Street is a typical ugly strip of stores, but brought to life by the amazing young people who created these businesses.

Burger Bach, in a modern shopping plaza on Ninth Street.

Panera Bread is in a modern shopping plaza on Ninth Street, raised up above a patch of green grass and the street.

Spacious outdoor seating at Panera Bread.

Vin Rouge, a French restaurant.

Mural on Perry Street.

Inside the crystal shop on Perry Street.

Wall of gifts at the crystal shop on Perry Street.

Bike on Perry Street.

Triangle Coffee House, on a cold winter night.

Frogs outside Native Threads.

Adorable frogs outside Native Threads, at night.


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Ninth Street is located west of Duke East Campus in Durham. There is plenty of parking along the street and in shopping plazas. 
Triangle Coffee House, 714 9th Street, Durham NC 27705.
Happy + Hale, 703B 9th Street, Durham NC 27705. 
Panera Bread, 737 9th Street, Durham NC 27705.
Mad Hatter Cafe + Bakeshop, 1802 W. Main St, Durham NC 27705. 

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