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Duke East Campus and Trail, Durham

North Carolina, NC, USA


Duke East Campus is a lovely place to take a stroll after eating at Ninth Street in Durham. While it isn't as impressive as Duke West Campus, where the gothic architecture and famous chapel will amaze you, it has a Southern charm with its Georgian architecture. It's nice to walk around the main quad, seeing the busy students, the frat benches outside the residence halls, flower beds (the campus is more barren than the west campus though), statues, and wonderful magnolia trees. Lilly Library has pretty architecture with its grand columns and highly decorated door. Baldwin Auditorium with its domed roof and romantic columns is the centerpiece of the main quad. Make sure to catch an evening concert here when you can, and go to Duke Coffeehouse after for a drink. 
Continue east to enjoy more architecture and make your way to the wide hard-packed dirt and gravel trail that runs around the perimeter of the campus. Here there are some slight hills, huge lawns, and delightful tall trees. 
If you're walking in the late evening, stop for a drink at Duke Coffeehouse near Epworth Dorm, on the east side of Duke East Campus, facing the homes on Buchanan Blvd. It only opens at 6pm, presumably for nighttime studying.
East even further is the Trinity Park neighborhood, with its tree-lined streets, attractive historic homes, gardens, and decorations at Halloween and Christmastime. It's so pleasant to walk the streets here.
After your walk, have a coffee at Mad Hatter Cafe + Bakeshop, in the Whole Foods shopping plaza across Broad Street. It's a fantastic cafe with huge windows, modern architecture, changing paintings, comfortable seating, and great food which you order at the counter. It is blissful to sit there taking in the youthful Durham vibe. Weekends it is too noisy, so come on a weekday.

Photo Gallery

Walkway leading onto campus from Broad Street.

Lamppost and Georgian buildings.

Fraternity bench outside Giles, a co-ed residence hall that was recently renovated.


Brick architecture.

Giles residence hall.

Pumpkins outside Giles residence hall.

A student walks at the main quad.

Lilly Library.

Residence hall on the main quad.

Fraternity bench for Alspaugh residence hall.

Lamppost and archways.


Magnolia tree.

Pumpkins on a doorway.

Picnic table and house.

Trees catching the light.

I love the trees on campus!

Lovely tree and building.

Sweet white building.

Adorable Epworth residence hall.

Epworth residence hall and blue bench.

View of historic homes along N. Buchanan Blvd, from the trail that runs along the perimeter of campus.

Grand historic home, as seen from the trail that runs along the perimeter of campus.

View of historic home from the perimeter trail.

The trail that runs along the perimeter of campus is shady in spots.

Baldwin Auditorium with its domed roof.

Stone entrance to campus on the Markham Ave (north) side of campus.

Trees catching the light.

Looking up at the super tall trees!

Bike riding on campus.

Lilly Library and its fancy columns.

Alspaugh Hall, built in 1926.

Storm clouds gather over the domed concert hall.

Sorority bench and auditorium in the distance.

Carved pumpkins outside Jarvis, a substance-free residence hall built in 1912.

Playing with Fido on the lawn.

Dutch roof.

Bell tower.

Blue devil atop the bell tower.

Hanging out at the Mad Hatter Cafe + Bakeshop.

Delicious chocolate chip scones at Mad Hatter Cafe + Bakeshop.

The wonderful open feeling at Madhatter Cafe.

Red tree and decorated gable in the background.

Red tree and walking path.

Bright tree in fall.


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Duke East Campus is located at 712 Broad St, Durham NC 27705. There is plenty of parking along the streets that border the campus, such as Broad Street and Markham Ave.
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