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Cape Fear Museum History and Science, Wilmington

North Carolina, NC, USA


Cape Fear Museum of History and Science near downtown Wilmington is a fun place to visit! At first it smells musty, but once you're further inside the air is ok. The building is old.
Downstairs, there's an interesting exhibit about the space station. Screens show where the space station is right now and what the sun is doing in that spot. Inside the pretend space station are expedition patches, space suits, and bed cabins with photos and toiletries stuck to the wall. An exhibit shows how we are planning space gardens to take the place of food shipments from earth.
An exhibit about basketball player Michael Jordan, who grew up in Wilmington, displays his jersey, school photos, certificates, medals, and interesting stories from his life. 
A natural science area has interactive displays about geology, hurricanes, marsh life, and best of all, a felt fly trap you can throw bean bags into.
A table has keva blocks that you can build creations with.
Upstairs, old-fashioned toys are displayed. This is fascinating! On the wall is a ball run. A fun table allows you to spin tops through an obstacle course. There's a rowboat to sit in. A display screen shows old Magnavox Odyssey video games. Another table has horse racing with wooden horses.
After, drive a few minutes to Port City Java (address below), where you can sit outside at their sunny tables. 
Or head in to downtown Wilmington for a walk along the riverwalk or a lovely meal.
Another fun place for kids is the large Children's Museum of Wilmington.

Photo Gallery

Sculptures outside.

The space station.

Sleeping bag against the wall.

Toiletries and photos in the sleeping cabin.

Vegetables to grow in the space station.

Michael Jordan's jersey and photos.

Hurricane exhibit.

Marsh habitats. Kids can climb inside.

Venus flytrap made of felt. Pull the rope while tossing a bean bag in.

Keva block constructions.

Ball run on the wall.

Toys on display.

Old-fashioned household items.

A ruler stating the golden "rule": Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Toys from the 80s.

Rowboat and patterns table.

Magnavox Odyssey video games on display.

Gumby toy.

Top spinning around the obstacle course.

Plastic figurines.

Spinning top obstacle course table.

Port City Java, a nice place to go nearby, after playing at the museum.

Sunny tables outside Port City Java, a coffee shop you can viist after playing at the museum.


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Cape Fear Museum of History and Science is located at 814 Market Street, Wilmington NC 28401.
Open Tues-Sat 9-5, Sun 1-5, closed Mondays.
Admission is $8 for adults, $7 for seniors, college students and military, $5 for youth aged 6-17, and free for children aged 5 and under. 
There are two free parking lots at Dock Street and 9th Street.
Port City Java, 2099 Market St, Wilmington NC 28403.
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