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Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Charleston

South Carolina, NC, USA


Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in Charleston is a beautiful place. Here you can walk in the gardens, checking out the peacocks, and read the quotes in the Bible garden. There are camelias, azalea, and red fire berries. Walk over the romantic white reflecting bridge, but watch out for alligators! Huge oak trees with Spanish moss and resurrection ferns hanging from them are all over the property. The mansion is nice to see from the outside, and there is a small gift shop in it. Outside the mansion is a low maze garden. There is a petting zoo where kids can look at animals.
I recommend taking the 45-minute nature tram tour. On this tour you will see alligators, birds, ducks, slave houses, amazing trees, and a beautiful swamp covered in bright green duck weed (I love this!). The tour guide we had, Dick Winters, was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, in the forest areas of the tour there are huge potholes so you may end up with a sore neck after the tour- I wouldn't take the tour if pregnant. 
Admission and the tour are quite expensive, which is a shame (see prices below). Try to find coupons in tourist brochures if you can.
The drive to the plantation is lovely, along Ashley River Rd past many plantations. Stop for a coffee at Charleston Coffee Exchange (on your way to the plantation- six minutes before you get there), a cool place!

Photo Gallery

Driving on Ashley River Road.

The lovely driveway leading to the plantation.

Swamp near the entrance.

Fancy gates.

More amazing twisty trees.


Peacock atop a sign.

Peacock with baby peacocks.

Clocktower and pathway.

Oak tree with Spanish moss.

Give fools their gold and knaves their power, Let fortune's bubbles rise and fall, Who sows a field or trains a flower, Or plants a tree is more than all- Whittier.

Statue and camellia flowers.

Camellia- a beautiful color!

Sweet camellia flower.

Flowers in abundance.

So many flowers!

Turn away from them and come upon them over against the Mulberry trees- a Bible quite from 1 Chronicles.

Fire berries.

Purple flowers.

Lamppost and flowers.

Maze garden in front of the mansion.

Large Southern balcony, at the mansion.

The mansion and palm trees!

Looking toward the mansion past the Spanish moss.

Spanish moss hanging from an oak tree.

Tram tour past the swamp.

Ducks, as seen from the tram tour.

Alligator, seen on the tram tour!

Alligator sunning himself.

Beautiful swamp.

The nature tram tour takes you past a swamp.

Slave house.

The tram tour takes you past slave houses.

Duck weed and tree knobs- so cute.

Autumn leaves and duck weed.

Fire berries.

Lovely swamp.


Swamp views.

Walking over the white reflection bridge.

The bridge looks lovely with its reflection in the water.

Flower baskets.

The mansion.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is located at 3550 Ashley River Rd, Charleston SC 29414.
Admission is $20 for adults, $10 for kids aged 6-12, and free for kids aged 5 and under. Tram tour is $10 per person and free for kids aged 5 and under.
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