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Waterfront Park and Pineapple Fountain, Charleston

South Carolina, NC, USA


Waterfront Park is a gorgeous park in the nicest part of Charleston. You can stroll along the promenade that is lined with pretty lampposts and benches. Check out the beautiful salt marshes and the wide open harbor. Walk along the pier and swing on the porch swings. It's gorgeous to come here when there's a full moon and swing on the swings with your lover, or watch the moon make rivers of light in the gaps between the marsh grasses. In the late afternoon, pods of dolphins frolick in the water by the pier.
Stroll past the Pineapple Fountain, an ornate fountain with a unique feel to it.
Next to the park, dive into Belgian Gelato and try their poffertjes, little round Dutch pancakes. 
You can't go for a very long stroll at this park because the promenade is only about 400m long. Continue your walk by strolling along Broad Street, the nicest street in the French Quarter, and have a drink in one of the cafes or bars, or check out the beautiful churches and buildings with huge columns.

Photo Gallery

The pier with its porch swings and dolphin pods that frolick in the afternoon.

Salt marsh.

Stroll along, enjoying the bright colors.

Lampposts, benches, and happy palms.

A tree provides a shady spot to sit.

Row of trees for shade at Waterfront Park.

Bridge and pier, as seen from Waterfront Park.

Sunny moment at Waterfront Park.

The pier.

Large lawn at Waterfront Park.

View across the water toward the promenade.

Poffertjes, little Dutch pancakes, at Belgian Gelato, nearby.

Another fountain, near Waterfront Park.


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Waterfront Park is located at 1 Vendue Range, Charleston, SC 29401. The closest parking garage is at 140 E Bay St, Charleston, SC 29401. Another close parking lot is at 1 Cumberland St, Charleston, SC 29401. Parking costs about $1.50 per half hour, so it's pretty pricey.
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