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Kelly Park Rock Springs, Apopka

Orlando, FL, USA


Kelly Park is a county park with a spring that is like a natural lazy river! It is so beautiful, a clear narrow river flowing along, under perfect tropical vegetation. You don't get any better than this!
There are two ways to enjoy the spring. You can swim in the large pool at the end of the spring run. It has concrete surrounding it, and stairs to get in. Or you can walk to the spring head, where the water is a gorgeous blue-green, and then hop in at the rocks on the left of the walkway. You will need a tube that you can rent at Rock Springs Bar and Grill, just outside the park ($7 a day- we just put the tubes on the roof of our car, not tied down or anything, and drove the few feet to the park).
If you swim the spring run without a tube it's a little hard because the rocks can scratch you as you go over them. The ride down the lazy river lasts for about ten minutes. Then you can get out, walk back to the spring head, and do the lazy river over again!
If you bring your own float, it must be less than 5 feet long.
There is also plenty of grass shaded by coconut trees where you can sit and have a picnic.
In summer you must come very early in the day because the park closes once it's full. In winter, crowds aren't as much of a problem, and on a warm winter day, it's paradise here!
The day we visited it said the water is 68 degrees but it felt much warmer than that.
There are many walking trails in the park- grab a map near the restrooms or from the ranger station. We saw a deer on one of the trails!
If you are going to sit still and have a picnic here, bring mosquito spray! We got bit by a zillion no-see-ums while sitting in a shady spot for less than an hour.
If you're headed back on Highway 429, after 20 minutes take the Plant Street exit and check out Winter Garden town. It's lovely!

Photo Gallery

Wonderful swimming!

Tubers enjoying an idyllic day.

Bridge over the water, and grass to sit on at the edge.

Swimming in the huge pool.

Twisty trees on the boardwalk to the head spring.

Steps down to the head spring.

This is where you get in to begin floating down the lazy river.

Hop off the rock into the lazy river.

The water pushes you along...

Bridge over the head spring area.

Cave at the head spring.

The huge pool, and some shade at the edge.

The head spring.

Family ride down the lazy river!

Family floating down the lazy river!

Oak trees with vines.

Bridge at the head spring.

Beautiful water.

Sandy trail.

Further down the river, on the trail.

Crystal clear water in the river or spring run further down, and a fish.

Clear river.

Path in the jungle.

Red-head lizard!

I love looking down at the water.

The main pool.

Spring trees and the main pool.

Looking through the palms at the magical water.

A family watches as a sea otter climbs up the stairs.

Grasses in the current.

Crystal clear river.

A fish and a shell, in the clear water.


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Kelly Park is located at 400 E Kelly Park Rd, Apopka, FL 32712.
Open summer 8-7, and winter 8-5. 
No pets or alcohol.
Entrance is $5 per car, or $3 if there's only one or two people in the car. 
Call (407) 254-1902 extension 3 to find out if the park is open or if it's full.
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