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Bal Harbour Outdoor Mall, north of Miami Beach

Miami, FL, USA


This is definitely the fanciest mall you will ever visit! Every high-end store you've heard of is located here in glittering gold storefronts. Maseratis with bows on them are dotted throughout the mall. Most of the shoppers are dressed to impress.
The bathrooms are all marble: floor, door, walls, and the door goes to the floor. You push a button to have a new plastic cover wrap itself around the toilet seat. A woman stands nearby staring each patron down. You don't dry your hand on paper napkins, but on thick Bal Harbour throwaway hand towels. 
It's quite an interesting cultural experience to come here! Disturbing and interesting at the same time. 
The best part about coming here is the plants, fountains, sculptures, and flowers. The mall is three levels. On the bottom level are gushing fountains and a pond with koi. This mall is just bursting with plants, palm trees, orchids, and beauty of all kinds. The second level has rows of planters where you are just surrounded by plants. In the center of the second level is an eating area with nice seating and a bright yellow awning. You can get a juicer juice and empanada at the little counter-service cafe here. 
The third level is full of sunshine and pretty flowers. There is a book store called Books and Books, and a children's clothing store. 
There are some impressive sculptures, large shapes, silver balls suspended in the air, throughout the mall.
Driving to the mall is very hectic and there are many aggressive drivers.
After, check out the beautiful blue-green water at Surfside Beach, an eleven minute walk away.

Photo Gallery

Fountain on lower level.

Looking up at palms.


Anthurium and fountain.

Lit-up fountain.


Looking up at tall, thin palms.

Statue and stores.


Purple orchids.

Fountain and glass elevator.

White anthurium.

Koi in the pond.

Pink bromeliads and wall paper behind.

Pink bromeliads in a row.

Incredibly lush walkway.

Amazing plants everywhere.

Seating upstairs.

Spotted orchids.

Bench and stripey plants.

Green, green, green...just like the cash floating about here!

Looking down at the vegetation.

Planter with flowers, and palm.

Purple flowers in a plantar on the third level.

Seating outside a chocolate shop on the third level.

Even the parking lot looks like a tropical paradise!

Third level flowers and view of highrises.

Modern highrises as seen from the third level.

Rows and rows of fountains. Decadence.

Stores and palms.



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Bal Harbour Shops is located at 9700 Collins Ave, Bal Harbour, FL 33154. Parking costs $1.50 an hour.
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