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Gardens by the Sea small park, Myrtle Beach

South Carolina, NC, USA


Gardens by the Sea is a cute little park at the west end of North Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach. There are flower beds, a small playground, and swings, all with a sea view. It's nice to listen to the ocean and the seagulls. After, walk east along North Ocean Blvd, checking out the strange one-room houses and views of the sea. There aren't many trees but it's a pleasant walk with a sidewalk. You can walk for 0.7 miles before hotels block the view of the sea.
For another nice walk beside the sea, check out Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade, which runs for 1.2 miles, and is more crowded. 

Photo Gallery

Flower beds and playground.

Tight rope, swings, playground.

Swings and picnic table.

Walking along the beach.

Sliver of light out at sea, plus seagulls on the shore.

One-room house.


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Gardens by the Sea Park is located at 5504 Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach SC. There are parking spaces in front of it. Pay at the meter.
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