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67th Ave Beach, Myrtle Beach

South Carolina, NC, USA


67th Ave and 65th Avenue have beach access paths and small parking lots in Myrtle Beach. This is the quieter northern end of the beach. Myrtle Beach is extremely popular with beachgoers in the summer, as evidenced by the hundred or more beach supply stores lining the streets. 
As an Aussie, I was not impressed at all by this beach, but I came in early March. The sand is a mucky grey, with streaks of black oil through it. The water was brown and loaded with disgusting foam that had churned up from a recent rain (caused by the pig farms?). The sand along the shore is hard-packed which makes for good walking in sneakers. I found one whole, shiny shell but the rest were non-shiny, broken and not pretty. You can find sharks teeth on this beach, so come prepared with a sifter if you want to search. The air was very cold and the sky grey in early March. The only thing I really enjoyed was the sound of the sea and seagulls.
For a nice walk with sea views, check out Gardens by the Sea Park.
For a nice place to eat nearby, check out Ocean's on 82nd Restaurant in Marriott Grande Dunes Hotel- the mahi mahi sandwich with mango pieces is delicious! Or, a 21 minute drive away, Market Common is a lovely outdoor mall with a P.F. Changs and other good places to eat, plus a wonderful place to stroll around.
If driving to Myrtle Beach from the north, stop at Airborne and Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville NC, along Highway 95, on the way. It is two hours from Myrtle Beach.

Photo Gallery

Sea foam is caused by dissolved organic matter, which could be pollution or other natural factors.

Winter day at Myrtle Beach.

The reality of the beach in early March- not very enticing.

Cold walk along the beach in early March.

The shells aren't very pretty.

Sea gull along the shore.

One perfect shiny shell!

A boy plays at the shoreline.

Dreary winter sight :(

View from Ocean's on 82nd Restaurant in Marriott Grande Dunes Hotel.


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67th Ave Beach is located at the dead end of 67th Ave North, in Myrtle Beach. There is a small parking lot here and at the end of 65th Ave. Pay at the meters. In summer, come early in the day because there are zillions of beachgoers in Myrtle Beach.
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