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Jacksonville Beach

North Florida, FL, USA


Jacksonville Beach is a fun place for kids to play. There are tiny pools in the sand at the water's edge where kids can play endlessly. What a blast! When the sun sets, these shallow rivers of water at the shoreline glow in the light, making the beach that much prettier.
The beach has soft white sand near the dunes, and hard-packed sand at the shoreline. Yellow daisies sometimes grow on the dunes. The dunes are very healthy and abundant.
A strange thing about this beach is that instead of sea gulls, there is a different species of bird that is very noisy, constantly shouting to each other! It can frazzle you a bit.
There's a fun atmosphere at this beach, though, with people strolling along the shore, laying on the soft sand, and coming out to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. 
Many attractive, modern hotels line the beach, making it nicer than the space coast where everything is still 1950s-style. 
For yummy mild pizza, check out Milano's Italian Restaurant on 3rd St (see address below).
A fantastic place to go, eight minutes drive away, is Southern Grounds Coffee Shop, with its sheltered courtyard between two buildings. It has an extensive breakfast menu, counter service, and lots of young people. This part of Neptune Beach town, Beaches Town Center, has a bookstore, cute modern pastel-colored buildings, and palm trees galore.
Another fun thing to do nearby is visit Jacksonville Zoo, which is a tropical wonderland. It is 38 minutes drive away to the northwest.
23 minutes drive inland, check out the awesome chain restaurant with live steel drum music, Bahama Breeze!

Photo Gallery

Couple walking at dusk.

Pier in the distance.

Wooden boardwalk with steps down to the beach.

Water glowing near the shore.

A boy runs toward the waves.

Sea foam along the shore, and fishermen.

A family feeling carefree.

Red lifeguard chair.

Rope over the dunes.

Kites in the sky.

A cheerful March day at the beach.

Sunrise over the ocean.

Sunrise spectacular.

Rays of orange at sunrise.

Beachgoers stop to admire the sunrise.

Pretty architecture and clouds in Jacksonville Beach.

Walking toward a gorgeous morning at the beach.

Dunes and puffy clouds in the morning.

Wonderful dunes in the morning light.

The beach and its little water puddles at the shore.

Water puddles and highrise.

Morning beauty at the beach.

Morning moon.

Waves rolling in on a March morning.

A boy plays near his dad.

Fun places to play at the beach!

Flowers on the dunes.


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There are a lot of little beach access points with small, free parking lots. They are at 5th Ave Nth (at the pier), 7th Ave Nth, 9th Ave Nth, 11th Ave Nth, 13th Ave Nth, 16th Avenue North, and 19th Avenue North, Jacksonville Beach FL.
Milano's Italian Restaurant Pizza and Bar, 1504 3rd St N, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250.
Bahama Breeze, 10205 Rivercoast Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246. 
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