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Jepson Center, Telfair Museums, Savannah

Georgia, Georgia, United States


Jepson Center is located in an incredible glass building that was built in 2006. Everywhere you look, it is gorgeous! Chunky windows of odd shapes, huge floor to ceiling windows looking out on trees and church steeples, light shining in from everywhere. The architecture alone is worth your visit.
Kids will enjoy the many activity stations throughout the museum. It's hard to pull them away. I wish the stations had been placed among the art so that parents could look at the art while kids played, but most of them are in separate rooms. 
Parents and kids alike will enjoy the modern art temporary exhibits. They are pretty accessible for modern art!
The kids activity stations include things like: a large magnetic wall that kids can stick pots and pans and other metal objects on, architectural wooden blocks on a table, plastic displays to draw on with markers, and clear magnetic triangles to build with.
Included in your admission are two other museums. One is the Owens-Thomas House and Slave Quarters, which we didn't visit. The other is the yellow Telfair Museum, a block away from Jepson Center. Unfortunately, it is musty and kind of rundown. Though it has some American artists from the late 19th century, which we usually love, we weren't very impressed with the overall experience. The yellow Telfair Museum contains the Bird Girl statue, the statue that was on the cover of John Berendt's book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." It is very appealing with its simple style.
A lovely place to eat breakfast or lunch nearby is Le Cafe Gourmet, where you can have a baguette sandwich or crepe like in Paris! This cafe works with kids too since it is counter service.
After, check out the many things to do in Savannah town!

Photo Gallery

Looking up at the ceiling in the lobby.

The lobby and its amazing windows.

Upstairs, outside the children's area.

Activities in the children's area. What a beautiful space.

Architectural blocks for kids to build with.

The rooftop sculpture garden.

Mother and child sculpture on the rooftop.

Mother and Child, by William Zorach.

The staircase that leads down to the lobby, and the light coming in from the ceiling.

Looking down at a bench in the lobby.

Clear magnets kids can build with.

Special exhibit of floating sculptures.

The White Fence, by William Ned Cartledge.

Video game exhibit.

Special exhibit of glass works.

Artichoke Jar, by David Levi. Colored glass.

Mystic Dispersion, by Jon Kuhn. Plate glass, optical glass, and colored glass.

Red Kneeling Figure, by Stephen Dee Edwards. Glass and steel.

Magnetic wall that kids can stick metal object to in order to make art!

Blue glass sculpture- inside are elements such as a human with outstretched arms and a ladder. Bertil Vallien makes compositions of silence, ice, and Nordic mythology.

Hallway with amazing windows.

Exhibit in a hallway with square windows.

I love this chunky window!

On the One Hand, Builders, No. 2, by Bertha Husband.

On the Other Hand, Breakers, No. 2, by Bertha Husband.

Skinny window.

The lobby is marvelous!

Magnetic wall that kids can stick metal objects to, to make art.

Instruments, by Bertha Husband.

The entrance to the yellow Telfair Museum building, near Jepson Center. You pay for admission to this museum when you visit Jepson Center.

Statue of Michaelangelo outside Telfair Museum building.

The basement of the Telfair Museum building.

Dying Gaul sculpture.

Brooklyn Bridge in Winter, by Childe Hassam.

The Garden Umbrella, by Frederick Carl Frieseke.

The Hurrying River, by Robert Hogg Nisbet.

Over to Blackhead, by George Wesley Bellows.

Bird Girl, the statue that was on the cover of John Berendt's book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil."

Statue of Rubens.

Statue of Raphael.

Inside Le Cafe Gourmet, a lovely counter-service French cafe nearby.


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Jepson Center is located a block from the yellow Telfair Museum. Admission to Telfair Museums includes the Jepson Center. 
Jepson Center is located at 207 W York St, Savannah, GA 31401.
Open Tues-Sat 10-5, Sun and Mon 12-5.
Admission is $20 for adults, $18 for seniors aged 65+ and military, and $5 for children aged 6-12.
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