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University Place Indoor Mall, Chapel Hill

North Carolina, NC, USA


University Place, in Chapel Hill, is a nice indoor mall to walk around when it's cold or hot outside. It's a small mall, and it doesn't have the awful echo sounds of bigger malls, nor the pesticide clothes smell. It's quite a pleasant place to walk around! Above, skylights let the sun in. Super cold winter days are made a little better because of this mall.
On the far southeast end of the mall is Southern Season, a gourmet store with lots of cooking supplies, plus foods and sweets from other countries. You can also find cards and gifts here. It's a great place to browse, though very expensive. Weathervane is a restaurant inside Southern Season, and they have good butternut squash soup. UNC's Carolina Public Humanities hosts language lunches in French, Italian, or German in the gorgeous upstairs room here, around a big circular table. It costs $20 for a yummy lunch and an interesting discussion (call 919-962-1544 to reserve the next lunch that has openings). It's always good to live near a university because there are tons of interesting things to do.
The other highlight of this mall is the Maple View Ice Cream station in the center of the mall, with ice cream straight from their farm. It is delicious and creamy instead of sweet! Try Chocolate and you can't go wrong. 
There is a sweet little children's shop called Glee Kids, which has toys, educational games, clothes, and stuffed animals. Their prices are decent, and you can get anything here that you need. Skip going to New Hope Commons with its horrible traffic jams and come here instead!
There are a few fast-food cafes and gyms, plus a luxury movie theater called Silverspot. Walk around and check out the movie posters. 
Lastly, a children's museum called Kidzu is located inside the mall. It's best for little kids though it does have a makerspace area where older kids can do crafts. Outside the mall, across from Alfredo's, is a little garden run by Kidzu. On Thursday mornings, little kids can come and do interesting projects, like make a fairy garden!

Photo Gallery

Coffee shop inside Southern Season.

Coffee and tea for sale in Southern Season.

North Carolina gifts for sale in Southern Season.

Candy in Southern Season.

Chocolate covered fruit in Southern Season.

The mall has skylights to let in the sun.

Carolina Corner, a store with UNC apparel.

Glee Kids has kid's clothes and toys.

Bows at Glee Kids.

Little mice at Glee Kids.

Books at Glee Kids.

Fish decorations hanging from the ceiling.

Maple View Ice Cream stand!

The entrance to Kidzu, inside the mall.

Movie advertisements outside Silverspot.

Flower pot near the entrance to the mall.

Kidzu garden near a side entrance.

Beehive at the Kidzu garden.

Thursday gardener's club for little kids, organized by Kidzu, in the garden across from Alfredo's.

Little fairy garden, in the Kidzu garden, created during the Thursday morning gardening class for little kids.

Fairy garden.

Tree stumps to step on, in the Kidzu garden.

View of the patio, from inside Weathervane Restaurant, in Southern Season store.

Glee, a cute store for children.

Lovely room for groups of ten or so, at Weathervane Restaurant. UNC Language Lunches are held here.


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University Place is located at 201 S. Estes Drive, Chapel Hill NC 27514. There is a large parking lot surrounding the mall with plenty of parking.
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