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Winter Garden cafes, splash pad and bike path

Orlando, FL, USA


Winter Garden is a cute town that is growing rapidly. Its main strip or downtown area, Plant Street, has restaurants, a miles long bike path that runs through it called the West Orange Trail, and a splash pad called Winter Garden Interactive Fountain and Splash Pad. It's nice to come early before the heat and let your kids jump around on the splash pad. Grab a chocolate croissant and cup of tea at Rosallie Le French Cafe, to sip while you watch your kids. 
Rosallie Le French Cafe has a nice youthful vibe. The inside decor is cluttered and the furniture bulky, plus it's quite dark inside. So it's better to sit at their nice outdoor seating around the side of the building near the gas station. They don't have baguette sandwiches so it's best to come in the morning to have a chocolate croissant, or have a lunch croissant later. They take super long to make tea. 
Axum Coffee is a nice place to hang out. It's colorful and hip.
Make sure you walk into the middle of the road divider on Plant Street to see the pretty blue-green fountain and amazing purple hanging flowers. You can swing on bench swings. It's idyllic! There is piped in music in Winter Garden, adding to the upbeat atmosphere.
Thai Blossom is a good Thai restaurant on the main strip, with beautiful decor and friendly servers. 
The West Orange Trail is a bike path that runs for miles through countryside and neighborhoods. It is not always shady, but it does run through downtown, which is fun.
Crooked Can Brewery is a fun spot to go on the weekend. It is inside the Public Market, which is full of cute places for foodies to explore. Outside, you can sit at awesome picnic tables under huge trees and listen to excellent live music on weekends. The people here are mostly young families and professionals. 
Don't miss out on the shoreline of Lake Apopka, where you can see wildlife galore: baby alligators, turtles, and birds. There is a pier, little white bridges, and a walking path along the lake. It is located near Tanner Hall, and is a four minute drive or fifteen minute walk north on Lakeview Ave.
Aside from the cute historic main strip of Winter Garden, there is another side to it. A ton of gated cookie cutter communities are popping up south of the Turnpike. They are very soulless with gigantic houses situated close together, but probably an easy place for families to live, if they can handle the AC bill!
For an attractive shopping center with big box stores, check out Winter Garden Village, eleven minutes drive south.

Photo Gallery

Sacred Olive store- Winter Garden kind of reminds me of small inland towns in California.

Alley beside Axum Coffee.

Decorated median in the middle of the main street.

Attic Door has live music.

Having fun at the splash pad in the evening.

Orange flowers in a pot.

Statues at Thai Blossom Restaurant.

Young women on a bench swing in the median of the main strip, with wisteria blossoms above.

Heart-shaped rice at Thai Blossom!

Attractive decor in Thai Blossom.

Heritage Museum.

Yellow and pink lilies along the main strip.

West Orange trail, a bike path, runs for miles, crossing through town. This is the Killarney Station segment, sometimes shaded.

Froggy climbey, at the Killarney Station part of the West Orange trail, a bike path.

Oakland Nature Preserve, a wooden boardwalk that leads 900m to a gazebo on Lake Apopka.

Crooked Can Brewery and the Public Market, with tall trees beside.

Sitting under the shade of tall trees, at the Public Market.

Inside the Public Market there are many food options.

Seating at Crooked Can Brewery, inside the Public Market.

Seating outside Crooked Can Brewery, with live music.

Plant Street side of the Public Market, and more seating.

Outdoor seating on the Plant Street side of the Public Market.

House and apartments on Plant Street.

BurgerFi is a good place to eat, near the Public Market.

City Hall, in art deco style.

Choice of pastries at Rosallie's Le French Cafe.

A girl plays at the splash pad.

The splash pad is lovely with its cabbage palms.

The old train depot, by the splash pad.

Biking past the bench swing in the center of Plant Street.

Fountain in Centennial Park, which is the divider in the middle of Plant Street.

Fountain and groomed trees in front of City Hall.

Public Market.

Seating on the Plant Street end of the Public Market.

Seating outside the Public Market.

Outside the Whole Enchilada cafe.

Centennial Plaza is in the divider of Plant Street.

Gorgeous wisteria, in October.

Wisteria on Plant Street.

Fountain and wisteria.

Clock tower in the center divider on Plant Street.

Beautiful fountain in Centennial Plaza.

Amazing plants and trees outside the public market.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

Plant Street is the main strip in Winter Garden. There is a small parking lot adjacent to the splash pad on the west side. 
Winter Garden Interactive Fountain & Splashpad, 119 S Lakeview Ave, Winter Garden, FL 34787.
Rosallie Le French Cafe, 141 W Plant St, Winter Garden, FL 34787.
Axum Coffee, 146 W Plant St #110, Winter Garden, FL 34787.
Plant Street Public Market, 426 W Plant St, Winter Garden, FL 34787.
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