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Lake Parker Park, Lakeland

Tampa, FL, USA


Lake Parker Park has so much potential but doesn't end up being a very nice experience. Winding, paved paths take you along the lake, through wild Florida jungle, and beside a stagnant pond loaded with mosquitoes. The entire walk is absolutely choked with mosquitoes. There is a super expensive amazing playground that no one can probably use unless they are immune to mosquitoes- the playground has many spider webs. It is such a beautiful playground, with an enormous amount of equipment- what a shame that it wasn't built somewhere more practical. I wonder if it can be moved to another park?
There are plenty of picnic shelters with BBQs but I don't know who could hang out in them, except people who don't get bit.
A better place to go for a walk is around Lake Mirror and Hollis Garden, which is absolutely gorgeous, but not wild like Lake Parker Park, so it's a completely different experience.

Photo Gallery

Picnic shelter in the distance, with view of lake.

Picnic shelter, huge oak tree, and lawn.

Bouncy horses and tunnel.

Tunnel and spinner, plus music chimes.

Play structure.

Swings for mommy and baby!

Fort play structure.

Another fort structure and a cable swing- so sad there are too many mosquitoes!

Cable swing and globe climbey.

Globe climbey and square bouncy.


The source of the mosquitoes, likely, is this stagnant pond.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

Lake Parker Park is located at 910 Granada St, Lakeland, FL 33801. There is plenty of free parking.
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