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Mesa Lane Steps and Edgewater Way Walk

Santa Barbara, California, United States


There is such a glorious view from the top of the Mesa Lane steps! The ocean stretches out in front of you, in layers of a dozen shades of blue. The vegetation on the cliffs adds even more delightful color. If you're fit, hike down the two hundred stairs to the beach below, a ribbon beach where surfers brave the rocks in search of a good wave. Sometimes you'll see fishing boats or fish nets on shore. Walk along the beach beside the tall cliffs and you know that life is gooood! In the very early morning, it is particularly magical here, with the fog-subdued sunlight casting a silvery glow on the breaking waves. During high tide you can't walk very far but you can explore a little.
For a nice walk, start at La Mesa Park off of Meigs Rd and cross the pedestrian bridge. Walk along Camino de la Luz, and then turn left and follow Edgewater Way to Mesa Lane steps. There are some pretty houses with gardens, and the views high above the sea are sure to inspire you!
This area reminds me of the northern beaches of Sydney, where I grew up. There's the same vegetation everywhere, and the feeling of being on cliffs way above the sea. I love it!
If you walk west on Medcliff Rd from Mesa steps you will come to Douglas Family Preserve, a wilderness area on cliffs high above the ocean where dogs run happily free. From there, you have a birdseye view of Hendry's Beach and Hope Ranch. For a nice toddler playground and basketball court with views, drive the short distance to Escondido Park.
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Photo Gallery

You can see the islands on a clear day.

Eucalyptus on the pathway that leads to Mesa Lane steps. More reminders of Australia...

Clear, perfect day at Mesa Lane Steps.

What a dreamy place!

Palmas grass and a view for miles...

A fishing boat, as seen from the Mesa Lane steps.

An amazing sky- early morning at the Mesa Lane steps.

Nature's hanging baskets at the ribbon beach below the Mesa steps.

Shimmering seascape- the beach below Mesa Lane steps in the early morning light. Aaaah yeh, this is living!

Huge trees that fell down the cliff at Douglas Family Preserve and met their fate on the Mesa Lane steps beach below.


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Mesa Lane Steps are located at Mesa Lane and Edgewater Way, Santa Barbara CA 93109.
Exit Highway 101 at Las Positas and head towards the ocean. At the end there is a large three-way stop. Turn left on Cliff Drive. Then turn right on Mesa Lane. Follow it to the end and park along the road. The steps are in front of you. It is very crowded on weekends and there isn't any parking so come during the week or very early in the morning.
Lazy Acres Market, 302 Meigs Road, call (805) 564-4410.
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