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Willowglen Park

Santa Barbara, California, United States


Willowglen Park is as lovely as it sounds. There you find a huge grassy field surrounded by tall pines and autumn trees, backed by the mountains, which stand stunningly close. There's a newish (2011) playground with lumpy slides, stepping squares, pretend icecream serving area, swivel chairs that are just the right size for little kids, motorcycle bouncies, baby swings, and tire swing. Groups could stage performances here on the concrete area with its large semicircular bench under the trees.
A footbridge leads through lush vegetation over a creek to Monte Vista School where kids play basketball on the school courts on weekends.
The best time to come to Willowglen Park is in autumn when the trees are yellow, red, and orange, and there are an abundance of leaves on the ground to crunch. Spring is nice too, when some of the trees turn purple.
If you're hungry, head over to La Cumbre Mall where there are outdoor cafes hidden around the corner near Sears or Habit Burger Grill (in the parking lot area) which has sunny outdoor seating. The nearest beach is Hendry's, a great family spot with tons of kids, people walking their dogs, and joggers. You can get there via a gorgeous scenic drive through Hope Ranch.
There are many neighborhood playgrounds to check out: Hidden Valley Park, which is in a peaceful recessed area by a creek, attracts young mothers who gather in groups with their toddlers during the week. Elings Park offers a sunny paved walk along a hilltop, offleash dog trails, and a small playground. Steven's Park has a toddler playground in a pretty canyon with a hike past meadows to a stream crossing.

Photo Gallery

New swivel chairs at the playground that are just the right size for little kids! Plus motorcycle bouncies.

Small boulders to leap off. This is a beautiful place!

View of the mountains.

Picnic table at Willowglen Park.

Tire swing at Willowglen Park.

Brand new (2011) playground at Willowglen Park.

The semi-circular bench where you could stage a play.

The mountains tower above the playground- gorgeous!

Fall colors are lovely at Willowglen Park.

Sunlight pierces through the lush vegetation at the footbridge.

Fall blooms.

Fall tree across the bridge from Willowglen Park.

A private little lawn in the corner, under the palms.

Lawn and Australian pine tree.


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Willowglen Park is located at 600 Willowglen Road, Santa Barbara CA 93105.
From Highway 101 southbound, exit on La Cumbre Rd and turn left. All the way at the end, turn right on Foothill Rd. Turn right on Willowglen Rd. The park will soon be on your right. Park along the road.
From Highway 101 northbound, exit at La Cumbre/Hope and turn left. Turn right on La Cumbre Rd. All the way at the end, turn right on Foothill Rd. Turn right on Willowglen Rd. The park will soon be on your right. Park along the road.
The Habit Burger Grill, 3890 La Cumbre Plaza Ln, call (805) 687-5200.
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