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Dennis the Menace Park

Monterey, California, USA


This park is so fun for kids! There is a huge old Southern Pacific railroad engine at the entrance. After looking at it, next kids will run to try the rock climbing wall. Parents can relax happily on the little grassy hills under a tree. Kids can climb up a ramp and cross a huge bridge that sways from side to side. Stretched out below them are a series of playgrounds! They can slide down two huge wavy green slides on the hill and then run through cement tunnels. Some retro 70s-looking playground equipment makes for some unusual climbs. There's plenty of sand to run around in. A red roller slide under the yellow arch is a popular spot. On the far end, kids can peek through the fence to see Monterey Skate Park on Lake El Estero. Around the park are views of Lake El Estero and the white swan paddle boats that you can rent. It's a merry atmosphere, and you can thank Monterey resident and cartoonist Hank Ketchum, who designed the park!
My son wanted to return to Dennis the Menace Park every day we were in Monterey.
Know the hours to make sure your kids aren't disappointed: This park is closed every Tuesday from September to May. Also, it doesn't open until 10am and it closes at dusk.
Entry to the park is free.
A place in Monterey that will delight is Monterey Bay Aquarium, with the most amazing exhibits, though it's ridiculously expensive and crowded. The jellyfish exhibit will put you in awe of nature's beauty and sense of humor.
From the aquarium you can walk to Lovers Point Park- this is such an intensely beautiful walk, and you can see seals in a little cove on your way and play at the beach at the end. Another fun thing to do is eat and shop at famous Cannery Row. Cool to explore is downtown Monterey, with its little Spanish arcades and nice cafes. It leads to Fisherman's Wharf, a touristy, colorful spot with water every shade of green and blue. Beside Fisherman's Wharf is Del Monte Beach, which can be bright and sunny or wild and wintery- there's no way to predict which one.
For another playground, up in the hills above Monterey Bay, check out Veteran's Memorial Park.

Photo Gallery

The rockclimbing wall- more fun to be had!

Relaxing for kids, and parents too!

The swaying bridge, and sandy playgrounds below!

The entrance to the swaying bridge!

The green curvy slides!

Paddle boats on Lake El Estero- the ocean can be seen in the distance.

The skate park you can see from Dennis the Menace Park (you must walk around the stadium to get to it).

Warm golden summer night at Dennis the Menace Park.

The railroad engine.

Beautiful Monterey.

The amazing new red slide that everyone adores!

The train wagon- great fun to climb! (No longer allowed unfortunately).

Large concrete tunnel!

Busy Saturday at Dennis the Menace Park!

Playing at one of the tunnels.

Coming out of a blue tunnel.

Tall playground.

Cable and slides.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

From Highway 68, exit at Monterey. Turn right on Fremont, right on Camino El Estero, right on Pearl Street, and there is a parking lot.
The address is 777 Pearl St, Monterey CA 93940.
Hours: 10am to dusk. Closed Tuesdays from September to May. Entry to the park is free, and parking is also free.
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