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Calabasas Commons

Los Angeles, California, USA


Calabasas Commons is an upscale plaza with sidewalk cafes and shops in a small, residential planned community. The architecture, including the tall clocktower backed by wooded hills, is gorgeous and would look like Europe if it weren't so new. In a way, it's slightly Disneylandish, especially with the music broadcast everywhere. But since it's 1930s jazz music it's kind of cool. Calabasas is a cute little town because of the lion-colored hills that surround it. Stop for a while and enjoy!
The best place to grab a delicious snack or meal is Corner Bakery- the breakfast croissant with egg, bacon, cheese, and tomato is good, the soups are yummy, and the carrot muffins are out of this world! The outdoor seating area is peaceful with the sounds of the landscaped waterfall nearby. You can walk down from the Corner Cafe, over a jasmine-covered bridge atop a waterfall, and stroll amongst flowers and roses. There are turtles in the pond. Kids enjoy this little activity while waiting for the food to be ready.
Right next to Corner Cafe is King's Fishhouse, which has fairly good food, and some very nice outdoor seating in front and back. There are plenty of hanging baskets, and again, the sound of the waterfall. In winter it can be cold outside here in the shade, so bring a sweater. In summer, Calabasas is roasting hot! Sometimes 96 degrees or more!
The Barnes and Noble here is flashy and perfect. Kids like to ride the escalators upstairs to the huge colorful kids section.
Kids love the west side of the shopping center because there are fun statues. There's a frog and turtle statue that spit out water, a pond full of bubbly fountains and real koi and turtles, and statues of boys playing in the pond. Cafes that are easy for parents, like La Salsa Mexican Grill, have outdoor seating by the pond. For a romantic option, choose Marmalade Cafe, which has decent food and pretty outdoor seating amongst flowers, then walk beside the lawn and sculptures.
Also in Calabasas is the quaint area, Old Town Calabasas, where you'll find a small creekside park, lots of flower baskets, a model train, and an adobe house.
If your kids need to let off steam, head over to the huge, colorful Brandon's Village Playground, a ton of fun for kids with or without disabilities.
For a lovely excursion, head south on Highway 27 (Topanga Canyon Blvd) to Getty Villa, one of the most beautiful places you'll ever visit. Getty Villa is a mansion high on a hill above the sea with exquisite grounds, glorious architecture, and a good collection of ancient Greek and Roman art and sculpture.
Another mall by the developer Rick Caruso is The Promenade in Westlake Village, a mall with belltower, stained glass lamps, fountains, murals, flowers, mega bookstore, and restaurants. He also created Encino Marketplace, which has less features but also a really great feel to it, and is pretty at night. The Lakes at Thousand Oaks is a mall that is centered around a playground, grassy hills, a lake with huge fountain, a stream with bridge, and cool sculptures.
While in Calabasas, check out the Malibu Hindu Temple, and King Gillette Ranch, where a visitor center teaches you all about the Santa Monica mountains area. You can then drive the scenic Mullholland Hwy to Paramount Ranch and see a cool Western town used in many films!

Photo Gallery

King's Fishhouse and pond with turtles.

The walkway below Corner Bakery, with its waterfall, jasmine-covered bridge, and roses.

Corner Bakery.

European rows of trees!

Barnes and Nobles Booksellers is in a gorgeous building.

This Barnes and Noble is a super flashy, nice one.

The huge kids section upstairs in Barnes and Noble.

The west side of the mall.

Pretty bakery on the west side of the mall.

Turtles on the west side of the mall.

Koi fish and turtles in the pond with the statues.

A row of eateries on the west side of the mall, with wonderful fountains and statutes to keep kids entertained.

The frog statue is a cute guy!

Cute statue of a sailor boy and his dog in a boat.

Statue of a boy pulling sailor boy in with a rope.

Statue of a child stepping in the pond, holding a rope.

A colorful, pretty spot. Notice the turtle and frog statues spitting out water.

Places to sit by the eateries.

Marmalade cafe is in a romantic spot.

Flowers by Marmalade Cafe.

Benches and lawn by Marmalade Cafe.

Beautiful sculpture by Marmalade Cafe.

The tower.

Waterfall and landscaping outside Corner Bakery.

Pink roses near Corner Bakery.

Corner Bakery from the walkway below it.

Corner Bakery at Christmastime.

Christmastime at Calabasas Commons.

Christmas lights at The Commons.

Pink, yellow, and white roses along the walkway below Corner Bakery, in April.

Waterfall underneath King's Fishhouse.

Sitting outside Starbucks.

A gathering of happy people outside Corner Bakery.

A meeting outside, at Corner Bakery.

Corner Bakery outdoor seating at sunset.

Silhouette of lovely trees.

Jeni's Icecreams.

Movies theater and lamppost.

Firepit at Toscanova Restaurant.

Strung lights outside Pickup Stix and Sugarfish Sushi.

Fountain, pond, and strung lights.

Greenleaf has a nice rectangular firepit.

Beautiful Barnes and Noble building.


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Exit the 101 Freeway southbound at Calabasas Rd. Turn left at the light and continue until you see Calabasas Commons. Turn right into the parking lot.
Exit the 101 Freeway northbound at Valley Circle. Turn left, go over the freeway, and then turn right on Calabasas Rd (This one can be tricky so pay attention!). Turn left on Park Granada and then turn right immediately into the parking lot for Calabasas Commons.
Corner Bakery, 4776 Commons Way #B, Calabasas CA 91302, call (818) 876-7340.
King's Fishhouse, 4798 Commons Way, call (818) 225-1979.
Marmalade Cafe, 4783 Commons Way, call (818) 225-9092.
Crumbs Bake Shop, call (818) 225-9122.
La Salsa Mexican Grill, call (818) 591-7787.
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