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Via Marina Sidewalk, Marina Del Rey

Los Angeles, California, USA


On Via Marina, you can park in the metered parking and take a short walk along the marina. It's pretty! There's a sidewalk with a railing, and little lookout areas with benches and palms for shade. Kids enjoy watching the sailboats go by. There's nothing much around here except apartments and houses, but it's a nice place to stop for a break if you're driving from Santa Monica to the South Bay beach cities like Hermosa Beach or Redondo Beach.
If you have more time, continue your walk north on Pacific Avenue. A path takes you alongside a canal. Across the canal, the houses are so colorful and groovy, and my son likes to point out which one he'd like to live in if he were a millionaire! Just two blocks to the west, check out Venice Beach.
Also in Marina Del Rey is a lovely park on the water with green hills and tall old trees, called Burton Chace Park.

Photo Gallery

Like a picture book, sailboats glide by.

Benches, where you can enjoy the view.

Canal walk at Pacific Avenue- cool houses!


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

Via Marina, around where it meets with Via Donte.
From the Highway 1 (Lincoln Blvd), take Washington Blvd and head towards the ocean. Turn left on Via Marina. Take Via Marina to the end where it curves around to the right, and park in the metered parking.
Click "satellite" to see a photo of the area from above.
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