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Seaward Avenue and the Seven Jetties

Ventura, California, USA


Seaward avenue is a beachy area of shops and cafes on a palm-lined street. It leads down to a sandy beach where you can walk all the way to Ventura Pier! People come here on the weekends to take long strolls or let their dogs run bouncily around. Kids enjoy exploring at the base of the jetties where there are bits of crab shell and other fun finds. The sand here is good for digging pits or laying out a huge blanket and relaxing. If you're brave you can swim in the frosty waters. The wind coming off the ocean is cold so wear a jacket!
After your walk, enjoy a meal at one of the eateries. There's an Italian restaurant, a Thai place, and a burger joint with hawaiian grass-shack umbrellas outside. Have fun!

Photo Gallery

The seven jetties from above.

Seaward Avenue is a cute place!

Looking toward the hills on Seaward Ave.

Beach apartments at the end of Seaward Ave.

A happy stroll on the beach.

A game of ball, and families hanging out on the beach.

Brave souls!

One of the seven jetties...

Plenty of palms on Seaward Avenue.

Carefree life in Ventura.


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From the 101 Freeway, take the Seaward exit and head towards the ocean. Turn left on Harbor Blvd. Turn right onto Seaward Avenue. Park along the road. Bring quarters!
SPASSO Cucina Italiana, 1140 S. Seaward Ave, Ventura CA 93001.
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