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New York New York Resort

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


New York New York Resort looks so cool from the street! You see the Statue of Liberty stretching up to the sky, and the New York city skyline. You will recognize the Chrysler Building and other buildings. Of course, they aren't as big as the real ones, but they look quite similar! Along the sidewalk that fronts the hotel, you cross the Brooklyn Bridge (which is really nothing like the real one- but, oh well), and you walk amongst cute buildings that resemble the historic buildings found in New York. At night, the Statue of Liberty is lit up.
Inside, there is an arcade area upstairs (which kids enjoy) and the casino, shops, and restaurants downstairs. There are some eateries that resemble those found in Greenwich Village, and the buildings are so cute! It is very dark in there as if you are walking around at night. And there is a canal with water, and plenty of fake trees.
There is a rollercoaster that goes around the city skyline- it lifts you up 203 feet, drops you down 144 feet, and rides at 67 mph. It has twists, barrel rolls, and lets you hang in the air. Oh yeah!
Cross the pedestrian bridge to MGM Grand Resort, and check out its glitzy casino.
Or, cross over to the south and check out the three hotels that are connected by a monorail: the medieval-themed Excalibur Resort; the pyramid, sphinx, and King Tut's tomb at The Luxor; and the tropical paradise of the Mandalay Bay Resort, with its gold towers that shimmer in the sun, and its world-class aquarium called Shark Reef.

Photo Gallery

The buildings along the sidewalk as you walk along The Strip to New York New York!

Brooklyn Bridge, which you cross as you walk along The Strip to New York New York!

SoHo-style building fronts, as seen from the sidewalk outside New York New York Hotel.

Bring me your huddled masses...the Statue of Liberty, at New York New York Hotel, with rollercoaster in background!

"Boat" in "harbor" outside New York New York Hotel, plus rollercoaster that winds its way around the buildings.

Gallagher's Pub, inside the casino area that looks like Greenwich Village, and is permanently nighttime.

New York New York at night!


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

New York New York is located in the southern part of the Strip (Las Vegas Blvd) on the corner of Tropicana Ave. There is a pedestrian bridge that crosses from New York New York to MGM Grand on the other side of the street.
Exit the 15 Freeway at 415 East and follow the signs to Las Vegas Blvd.
The address is 3790 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas NV 89109, call (702) 740-6969.
You can park for free in the hotel parking for the first hour. Parking is $7 for 1-2 hours, $10 for 2-4 hours, and $12 for 4-24 hours. When you walk out of the parking lot, it brings you out into the arcade so be prepared for kids who want to play some games!
There are plenty of restrooms in the arcade, casino, and shopping area.
The rollercoaster is open Sun-Thurs 11-11, and Fri-Sat 10:30am-midnight. It costs $15 for one ride or $26 for an all-day pass, and the signs lead you through most of the casino to get to it. Vegas residents receive second admission for $12. Must be 54" to ride.
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