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Harrah's Hotel

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Harrah's is an older hotel, centrally located on The Strip. At night, the row of colored lights that line it's roof look especially cool! I love these lights- they look like huge, edible, gummy candies!
There are some awful, tacky stores in front of Harrah's, lining The Strip. Other than the lights, it's not anything that special!
Don't waste much time over here- you want to get to the best spots, and one of those is right next door: The Venetian, where you will be awed by the architecture outside, and transported to dreamy St Mark's Square and the canals of Venice inside.
For more old casinoes and the original Las Vegas, head downtown to Fremont Street Experience, where your odds at gambling are higher, and where an impressive lights show takes place every hour at night on a canopy over the street.

Photo Gallery

The lights that line the roof.

The lights, like giant gummy candies...

Harrah's, at night.


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Harrah's is located in the central part of The Strip, south of The Venetian, and north of Flamingo Resort.
The address is 3475 Las Vegas Blvd Sth, Las Vegas NV 89109.
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